Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance is a crucial form of coverage for nonprofit organisations, providing protection for the board members and officers who make critical decisions on behalf of the organisation. This directors and officers insurance cover for nonprofit organisations safeguards against legal claims and liabilities that may arise from their actions or decisions while serving in their roles. 

The importance of D&O insurance for nonprofit organisations

Nonprofit organisations face unique challenges and risks that can lead to potential lawsuits or legal actions. The decisions made by board members and officers can have far-reaching consequences. They may be held personally liable for any alleged wrongdoings or negligence. D&O insurance for directors and officers against such claims. It covers legal defence costs, settlements, and judgments arising from lawsuits against directors and officers. These lawsuits are connected to their duties and responsibilities.

Liability risks faced by directors and officers insurance of the nonprofit organisation

Board members of nonprofit organisations face several liability risks. Some of the most common liability risks faced by board members of nonprofit organisations include:

  1. Breach of fiduciary duty: Board members have a legal and ethical obligation to act in the best interest of the nonprofit organisation. Failure to fulfill duties can hold board members liable for damages resulting from actions or decisions.
  2. Employment issues: Employment-related claims such as discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination can hold board members liable.
  3. Financial mismanagement: Financial mismanagement, such as embezzlement or misuse of funds, can hold board members liable.
  4. Negligence: Negligence, like not ensuring safety, can hold board members liable for facility maintenance.
  5. Tax issues: Tax issues such as failure to file tax returns or misreporting income can hold board members liable.

To protect themselves against these liability risks, nonprofit board members should obtain Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance. 

Scope of coverage under D&O insurance for directors and officers of the nonprofit organisation

The scope of coverage under Directors and Officers liability Insurance for directors and officers of nonprofit organisations typically includes:

  1. Defence costs: D&O Insurance covers the costs of legal defence for directors and officers in the event they are sued for actions taken in the course of their duties.
  2. Settlements and judgments: If a lawsuit results in a settlement or a judgment against a director or officer, D&O policy can provide coverage for the settlement or judgment amount, up to the policy limits.
  3. Breach of duty: D&O Insurance covers claims alleging a breach of duty, including claims related to financial mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty, or failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Employment practices: D&O Insurance can cover claims related to employment practices, such as discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination.
  5. Third-party liability: D&O Insurance can cover claims brought by third parties such as customers, vendors, or other organisations.

It is important to note that the scope of coverage under Directors & Officers Insurance cover for nonprofit organisations can vary depending on the specific policy and the terms and conditions set forth in the policy. It is important to seek expert help to determine the appropriate coverage levels for your organisation and to ensure that your policy provides adequate protection for your directors and officers. Board members should also work with legal counsel and other professionals to ensure that they are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

It is important to note that D&O Insurance does not cover intentional illegal acts, fraud, or dishonesty. Employment-related claims are not covered; a separate policy like EPLI typically covers them.


Nonprofit organisations should consider obtaining Directors’ Insurance to protect their directors and officers from potential lawsuits and to ensure that they can attract and retain top talent for these positions. Seek guidance from experts who can help determine the appropriate coverage levels for your organisation.

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