Group Health Insurance

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Undoubtedly, a healthy workforce makes for a productive team. A company can get more out of their employees if they take their health and wellness seriously. Moreover, if you are offering a group mediclaim policy, these healthy habits will lower the insurance claim and further trim the premium coverage.

So here are some tips to boost the healthy habits among your employees and keep them healthy, regardless of how much time they spend chained to their chairs.

1. Focus on awareness

Most young professionals know everything about cardiac ailments, however, they aren’t aware of the causes and the impact of their lifestyle on their health. So, you can start publishing a monthly newsletter around tips on healthy living. To create more awareness, you can make some posters with health slogans and tips. These posters should be creative and attractive enough to catch the attention of employees who may read them during their breaks from work.

2. Make smoking difficult

Smoking is one of the major causes of heart ailments besides other diseases. If having a designated smoking zone at the office is necessary for you, then try to keep it away from your premises. Physical distance might dissuade smokers from walking up to the smoking zone.

3. Take steps to curb stress

Like smoking, stress can also lead to various health issues. Though it is difficult to reduce stress completely, it is possible to take steps to manage it better. Inviting stress management experts, organizing employee recreational programs, etc.; are some of the ways to reduce stress in the workplace.

4. Improve workplace hunger options

The irony is that we all know food items like pizza, burgers, samosa, etc.; are not good for health, still, we consume them. Such junk foods are known as easy-to-grab options when there is so much work that you don’t have time to have lunch. While bringing on unhealthy food occasionally is fine, one thing that most people don’t realize is that eating these items daily can be extremely harmful. So, do away with unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthier options. Also, you can start labeling food items like, ‘high sodium content’, ‘high cholesterol’, etc.

Surely, employees will make their choices, but they will make an informed choice rather than pick unhealthy habits due to lack of knowledge.

5. Appoint a doctor

This office doctor isn’t required to be permanent, but a doctor who works off-site but will come into your office once or twice a week to discuss health issues with employees. It will be a powerful part of your wellness initiative as it will show your commitment to a healthy workplace.

6. Incentivize your employees

Start rewarding your employees for following healthy habits and they will surely appreciate it. If your employees pass certain milestones, like low blood pressure, weight loss, etc.; you can reward them with some incentives, like bearing a certain premium portion of their individual health insurance policies, etc. For many businesses, it might look like a heavy investment, however, it is something that will surely pay off eventually. The long working hours you get along with a reduction in sick leaves will be profitable for you in the future.

7. Offer opportunities to get moving

A prolonged sitting in an office chair itself leads to many health issues. Uncomfortable chairs lead to poor posture that results in various issues in the shoulder, neck, and back. So, install standing workstations and schedule walking meetings to encourage workers to get up from their seats frequently.

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Over to you
Remember, when your employees are healthy, they can give their best. So, play an active role in improving the health of your employees. You’ll be surprised to see the positive results.