Group Health Insurance

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It is a good move to offer group health insurance to your employees. In fact, this insurance will not only help you keep your employees motivated, but it will also help you save taxes. While it is beneficial to have a group mediclaim insurance for your employees, there are some ways through which you can negotiate the best price for this insurance:

  1. Number of employees: If the number of your employees is large, you can ask your group mediclaim insurance to offer you discounted premium rates. Most of the group health insurance companies would be keen to offer you this policy at better discount in case there are good numbers of employees
  1. Age of employees: Though ailments can strike even a young person; you can ask for discounted group health insurance premium rates if your workforce consists of people below the age of 40. Young people may not fall ill frequently, and therefore, there would be a fewer number of health insurance claims. This fact can help you get better rates.
  1. Market Research: There are various insurance companies in India, and each one of them is offering different group health plans with varied features. In order to get the best group mediclaim insurance price, make sure to make a proper comparison among the available options in order to find the economical pricing. To choose the right insurance policy from the available options, you can exercise any of the following two options:
  • Compare the group health insurance on your own-  If you exercise this option, you would have to approach different group medical insurance companies on your own and ask them to submit their quotes. Then you would have to compare them and find the apt plan as per your needs.
  • Take the help of corporate insurance advisors- You can approach the corporate insurance advisor, like SecureNow, who would help you choose the right group health insurance from the available options. You would only need to submit some basic details about your requirements, and the advisor would recommend multiple insurance options as per your need. It will not only save your time but would also help you find the right group mediclaim policy as per your need.

Case Study: 1

From the last five years, R.J Automobiles has carved a niche for itself in the automobile industry. Backed with more than 500 employees, the company has its offices situated in different parts of India. Last year, the company bought a group health insurance policy from the Insurer A.

Before buying the insurance policy from the Insurer A, R.J Automobiles carefully compared all the available options. As the company was buying insurance for its 500 employees, it was looking for an affordable option.

The HR department of the company asked for insurance quotes from different group health insurers in India and then compared all of them to find the right insurance policy for its employees. Considering the number of employees, the Insurer A agreed to offer low premium rates. The HR department of the company scrutinized the group health insurance policy coverages offered by the Insurer A. Only after being satisfied with the offered features, R.J Automobile bought the policy from the Insurer A. It was the number of employees’ due to which R.J Automobiles was able to get low premium rates on its insurance policy.

Case Study: 2

Though, it’s been only one year that L.S Digital Company has come into existence, the company has successfully managed to grab the attention of big brands. Running on the ‘young’ blood, the company is now planning to offer group health insurance to its employees.

Since most of its employees are young, the company can negotiate with an insurance company and go for low premium rates on group health insurance policy. Though there is no guarantee, however, young people usually do not fall sick frequently, and therefore, they would not use the insurance policy frequently.

Here, the age of the employees would play a major role, and L.S Digital Company would be able to easily find a group health insurer offering discounted premium rates on the insurance policy.