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With this, SecureNow strengthens its international reach. It currently serves over 1000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) clients and provides insurance cover to over 100,000 people. UnisonBrokers is an international network of more than 300 insurance brokers across 130 countries with a total member business of over US$ 15 billion.
New Delhi, 12 January 2017:  SME focused broking entity, SecureNow, announces its membership with unisonBrokers, a leading global network for international insurance management, whose special services and solutions are for members only.
Membership to the unisonBrokers network ( is difficult. A minimum quality standard is needed to get in. The network is specifically meant for brokers focussed on SMEs and this membership will help SecureNow strengthen its global reach in this segment. SecureNow was founded by Kapil Mehta and Abhishek Bondia to provide general insurance to SMEs with substantial technology-enabled support for distribution and customer service. SecureNow’s distinctiveness is its high quality technology used to reach SMEs cost-effectively.
SMEs lack access to organized institutional brokers and are served primarily by fragmented, unorganized agents or directly by insurers. This is sub-optimal as SMEs are unable to effectively evaluate options from multiple insurers and, because they lack buying power, do not get the best solutions. With its customer focus and understanding, SecureNow delivers increased convenience and better value to the underserved SME segment.
Headquartered in Germany, unisonBrokers will provide SecureNow with unparalleled international reach to 300 broker relationships in over 130 countries. This is indeed a big achievement for a startup that is working for the benefit of SMEs.
Commenting on the achievement, Kapil Mehta, Co-Founder, SecureNow said, “Selection into the international Unison broker network is extremely prestigious and a sign of the stature that SecureNow has in the industry. The Unison network provides us access to an international network to meet the overseas insurance requirements of Indian SMEs. Many of our clients are expanding aggressively into international markets, particularly Europe and the US. We are excited to be a part of this global network which will indeed help our proposition become stronger and recognised.”
UnisonBrokers follow strict quality standards that members have to meet. This ensures high quality service delivery. Only brokers that have excellent market standing and are distinctive in their work are selected.
About Secure Now (
SecureNow is an SME and technology-focused insurance broking venture in India. It provides customized general insurance solutions to SMEs and deploys technology that significantly streamlines insurance delivery and servicing. SecureNow can fundamentally transform insurance distribution in India by providing SMEs the bargaining power and technology support that has traditionally been available to only large corporates in India.
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Genesis Burson-Marsteller
Tripti Sharma
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