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Boosting business and especially employee productivity can be tricky. While most managers today understand that the efficiency of the workforce is affected by factors that go beyond earning a decent salary, it is more about improving employee engagement and giving them a sense of belonging, letting them know that their contribution is indispensable for the business.  Here’s how line managers and business owners must proceed with their strategies to increase employee engagement and productivity.

  1. Create a Transparent Feedback Channel

For the employees to succeed and be more productive, you must first know what is holding them back. Therefore, you need to implement a feedback channel for your employees to share their fears, strengths and expectations so that you can ensure a constructive and transparent exchange of dialogue. 
Moreover, you must be able to provide guidance and valuable information through continual feedback so that the employees know well in time if they need to improve a specific aspect of their work. The sooner employees find out about the issue at hand; sooner they can correct the problem. As a business owner; therefore, you need to make sure that your employees receive constructive comments and have a clear and specific performance improvement plan. 
Also, be sure to recognise and award your employees when they do well. For this, you must have a fair and realistic performance appraisal system in place, so that the outstanding talent in your organisation receives the credit they deserve. 

  1. Provide a Level Playing Field to Your Employees 

Another way you can improve the productivity of your team is by sharing your expertise and experiences with them. By being a mentor, you can inculcate not only productive work practices within your employees but also make sure that everyone is up to speed, in terms of understanding the organisation’s collective vision and working towards a common goal. 
Telling your workforce to accomplish a task and look for a solution to a problem at hand, you can create a level playing field for everyone.  As anyone’s manager; however, you need to make sure that your mentoring technique does not come off as condescending or reproachful. It would help if you had the right attitude so that your mentoring helps an employee who is struggling with their job, to feel more engaged and productive. 

  1. Organise Team-Building Activities

Corporate work-life can quickly become monotonous and unproductive. Hence it would help if you leveraged various team-building activities to give your employees a break from the routine. In some cases, these activities can also work as a cost-effective alternative to something as say, increasing wages to get the workforce more involved with their work. By breaking away from the everyday office work culture, you allow your employees to shift perspectives and focus towards a common goal. Usually, an offsite team-building trip, for example, helps your employees to envision a common perspective and then plan to reach the objective of the activity. 
You can even give a little nudge to the existing employee interactions by organising regular team events such as a night out or a barbecue so that your employees have a chance to bond outside of their office and bridge any cultural differences or communication gaps that they may have been experiencing.

  1. Improve Employee Well-Being Efforts

Your employees will not be able to be as productive as they would be otherwise if they are somehow stressed or unhealthy. As an employer; hence, you need to make sure that your employees remain safe and healthy, both mentally and physically.
Mental Health
While accident prevention at workplaces is highly desirable, you must also look to implement other forms of safety against any emotional harm inflicted either intentionally or unknowingly, upon your employees in the office. Take stress, for example. Workplace-related stress can be a crucial precursor for decreasing productivity, especially when the employees are unable to focus on the job at hand due to the pressure and anxiety at the workplace. 0
As employer; therefore, you need to help your employees reign-in the stress and focus on turning it into success. For example, you can encourage your employees to avoid working overtime, exercise regularly and get a good sleep every night.
Physical Health
Physical wellness is essential for any job. However, welfare is often forgotten, to include longer, less productive work hours. Neglecting your employees’ physical health, in turn, could spell trouble for your business’ overall productivity. 
Therefore, you need to take steps to encourage your employees to lead a healthy, ailment-free lifestyle. You can start by providing facilities such as company-funded gym memberships, and policy framework for zero overwork. Also, you can invest in an employee health insurance policy to protect your employees and their dependents against emergency medical situations. An employee health insurance policy provides a number of benefits to your employees under a single policy framework, including –  

  • Coverage against pre-existing health ailments and maternity complications (features such as corporate floater, and waive off any waiting periods)
  • Low cost for health insurance cover
  • Customisable employee health insurance policy benefits to suit your budget and insurance requirements. 

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