Health Newsletter

Chronic neck and back pain are common, but what most people don’t realize is that everyday bad habits can be making your pain worse.
Your muscles are used to the constant slouching and other bad patterns you’ve developed, which can eventually lead to pain. But taking better care of your back is easy once you replace your bad habits with healthy ones. We need to change our everyday habits to take better care of our back. If you keep these bad habits, it could lead to conditions worse than simple back pain.
So, starting now, change your everyday habits that ruin your back, such as these:

Sitting for Long Hours

Today, an office day entails long hours in front of the computer – typing away reports and designing presentations. The problem is that this lifestyle takes its toll on your back. When you are in a sitting position, you put 40% more pressure on your spine than when you’re standing up. To avoid back pain and other problems, stand up and stretch for a bit every 30 minutes.

Sleeping on an Ancient Mattress

Your mattress is only good for five to seven years. Once you go beyond that, your spine sags when you sleep, which could lead to back pain. Make it a habit to replace your mattress to avoid this health problem.

Driving in a Bad Posture

You have to observe proper posture to take care of your back – and that includes all those drives to and from work. When you drive, you should sit at a 90° angle and avoid overstretching your legs to reach the pedal. Adjust your seat to achieve this and you’ll surely avoid those nightly back aches.

Carrying a Heavy Bag

Never load your briefcase or your purse with too many items; otherwise, you distort the balance of your shoulders. Over time, this could lead to scoliosis and other complications. As a rule of thumb, keep the weight of your bag under 10% of your total body weight.

Wearing High Heels

There’s no denying that heels are flashy, classy, and chic, but wearing these all the time wrecks your back. Back muscles work harder when you wear heels, which could eventually strain and become a source of pain. As much as possible, avoid walking long distances while wearing heels and add a cushioned insole to protect your feet.
Live a healthier, pain-free lifestyle, starting with your back. Change these habits to take proper care of your back and you’ll surely avoid all those painful nights and costly treatments.