Health Newsletter

Have you ever wondered about the effects of staying alone, or thought that socializing a lot would help us some day? Did you know that life with full of friends and fun, gives out quite lot of intellectual benefits?
In this competitive and busy scenario  where no one would like to give upon the loads of information embed inside the head in search to learn new. When one wants to go about absorbing new responsibilities in life and due to a mere negligence in lifestyle ends up losing out on memory. This sloppiness towards living  gives a lot of disheartenment.
Why there is a memory loss? Have you ever thought of lack of socialization, lack of enjoyment towards life and lack of proper sleep would give certainly depressing effects to us.
As well said by Aristotle “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.
By social animal it implies that humans can’t strive alone in isolation. The so called peer group relationships stimulate one’s brain. In fact interacting with others and exchanging thoughts with them arouse our brains, which is the best kind of exercise for it.
3 life keys which will help you be more sharper at brains:
1. Celebrating each moment with your friends:
One of the fundamental key to stay happy is to have meaningful friendships with your family and friends. Having bonds which will never let you stay alone, instead  become a part and the cause for each happiness. Having a strong support system are not only necessary for emotional health, rather it also have stunning results for the brains.
Researchers have found that people with the most active social lives have the slowest rate of memory decline. There are many ways to start taking advantage of the brain and memory-boosting benefits of mixing, partying and mingling. For example, joining a club, making  time for friends often, and reaching out on call are the few activities which you can adopt. Also, if a human isn’t handy, don’t overlook the value of a pet especially the highly social dog.
2. Have a good laughter daily:
As we all know laughter is the best medicine, and that holds true for the brain and the memory, as well as the body. Dissimilar to emotional responses, which are limited to specific areas of the brain, laughter engages multiple regions across the whole brain.
What could be the situation to laugh about? Don’t forget, although laughing is the best medicine but laughing at serious situation will mark you take a medicine.
Laughing at yourself is one of the bold initiative one could ever take. Getting involved with happier hearts and positive hearts is another way. Spending time with amusing and lively people is the key.  Also, paying attention to the kids around would habitually bring laughter in your life.
3. Sleep in harmony:
In the hustle bustle of life, we are not able to take out a good time to sleep but we don’t realize whatsoever time has been allotted for it should be spent in peace. Sleeping in peace with harmony in mind would actually serve our real purpose to sleep.
Although the truth is that over 95% of adults need to sleep between 7.5 to 9 hours in order to avoid sleep deprivation.
Even skipping a few hours of sleep makes a huge difference in the activities of the day like memory, problem solving abilities, creativity, and critical thinking skills are compromised.
Sleep has been is so important in an even more fundamental way. Research shows that sleep is necessary for memory to function to its fullest, with the key memory-enhancing activities occurring during the deepest stages of sleep.
What can you change?
All you can do is getting a regular sleep schedule, avoiding all screens for at least an hour before bed and cutting on the consumption of caffeine are the few changes you can absorb in your daily schedule, which will help you develop a smarter and  sharper you.