Group Personal Accident

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Repatriation allowance and family transportation allowance are additional benefits available in a group personal accident policy (GPA). They refer to the benefits as given below:

Repatriation Allowance

GPA policies are generally applicable throughout the world, and as such in the case of death in any foreign location repatriation will be required. GPA policy may cover this expense up to a specified limit.

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This benefit is also called ‘repatriation of mortal remains’ benefit in some GPA policies.

Family Transportation Allowance

Again, the majority of the workforce employed across the country is not native to that place. In the event of an accident, family members may have to travel to the city where the insured is hospitalized. This benefit allows the cost of such travel to be covered by insurer up to certain limits.

Family Members

Family, in this case, will involve the insured people:

  • Legal spouse
  • Children (biological, step or adopted),
  • Parents,
  • Parents-in-law,
  • Legal guardian,
  • Ward

Case: 1

After having a successful stint in India, R.K Construction spread its business aboard as well. Last year, the company got its first foreign project of constructing two warehouses in Malaysia. For the better understanding of the project, the company sent its civil engineer Rakesh Sharma to Malaysia. Unfortunately, on his third-day, he met with an accident when a car hit him from behind when he was crossing the road.

R.K Construction was offering group personal accident insurance to all its employees. In the case of Rakesh, the insurance company paid both the medical and repatriation expenses.

  • Medical Expenses= Soon after Rakesh was hit by the car; he was taken to a hospital by bystanders. With the help of identity card which was there in his pocket, the hospital informed R.K Construction who later informed the insurer who agreed to pay all the medical expenses.
  • Repatriation Expenses= As the accident injuries were severe, doctors could not be able to save Rakesh who died after the fifth day of his accident. The insurer covered repatriation expenses,e., all the expenses which Rakesh’s family had to bear in bringing his body back to India.

Case: 2

It was the big achievement for Rahul Saran who was selected as a project head by his company, L.M Tech for his overseas project in Australia.

With full zeal, Rahul landed here in Australia, however, destiny had some different plans for him. As he had some leisure time available before reporting to the overseas office of L.M Tech, Rahul decided to utilize it with sightseeing.

When Rahul was busy in clicking pictures of Sydney Harbour Bridge, a mini truck hit from behind. The onlookers called the police who took him to a hospital. The doctors conducted some tests and x-rays to find internal injuries and bleeding.

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He had one fracture in the arm, and three of his fingers were crushed under a truck. Rahul informed his employer back in India who promised to extend all financial support through the group personal accident insurance which L.M Tech had purchased for all its employees, including those who went abroad for official purpose.

Rahul’s parents got panicked when they came to know about his accident. His father decided to travel to Australia to be with Rahul who was hospitalized for the last 20 days. In this case, the group personal accident insurance policy helped in two ways=

  • Medical Expenses= The group personal accident insurer paid hospitalization expenses incurred on the treatment of Rahul.
  • Family Transportation Allowance= As Rahul’s father also travelled to Australia to stay with him; the insurer covered his travelling expenses as well. The insurer reimbursed the transport expenses incurred by his father for transportation by air.

It is necessary to note that if instead of the father, Rahul’s friend had travelled to Australia, the group personal accident insurer would not have covered the transportation expenses.

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