Errors & Omissions

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Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance safeguards companies and their employees against claims made by their clients for inadequate or negligent actions taken by them. It means, the policy offers you protection in the event any of your client or shareholder files a case against you. It is also called professional liability insurance policy.

Most E&O insurance policies cover the settlement, judgement, and defense costs. It has been seen that even if the allegations are baseless, you would have to spend thousands of rupees in defending the lawsuit. It can bankrupt even a small company and have an adverse impact on its future.

The insurance policy usually applies when someone alleges you that you have not done your job properly. The insurance also covers claims which may arise due to infringement of copyright. However, the legal definition of professional liability varies from one insurer to another.

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For instance, if the marketing consultant of the company mistakenly uses the slogan of the other company, it will be known as the infringement of the intellectual property right and he/she may be sued. Here, error & omission insurance plan will help by covering the claim amount that the marketing consultant (or his company) would have to pay to the aggrieved party. In short, the E&O insurance policy offers financial coverage in the event if the error or omission on your part has caused a financial loss to your client.

Case: 1

While enjoying a scuba diving excursion run by Ocean Adventures in Goa with ten other divers, Rohit Narang went ahead and later found himself alone in the sea. However, even though he was not there, the dive master marked Rohit as a present and as a result, the boat moved on to the second dive site which was 20 miles away.

Rohit was abandoned and was rescued around six hours later after being spotted by the other ship. Now you can easily guess what happened next. Rohit sued Ocean Adventures, claimed he had suffered post-traumatic stress and skin irritation from prolonged sun exposure. After a three- year legal battle, Rohit was awarded the compensation of Rs 15 lakh. Luckily, the owner of the Ocean Adventures had bought the error & omission insurance policy which played an imperative role in covering the compensation amount.

Thankfully, Ocean Adventures had E&O which helped in covering the financial losses. The situation would have been difficult without the insurance policy because then Ocean Adventures had to bear all the expenses.

Case: 2

Girls can be particularly discerning when it is about their big day, i.e., marriage and Riya Saran was no exception. Months before she had started planning for her wedding, which included meticulously choosing the bridal attire, venue, photographer, and of course, entertainment! As her to-be husband was a big music lover, Riya hired the Mix and Shake Orchestra, whose main singer Jayant was a popular live performer.

While, strolling into her wedding reception, Riya found out that Jayant had quit the band a week earlier before her marriage, so the band replaced him with another singer. However, they did not inform Riya about the change beforehand.

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Riya sued the Mix and Shake Orchestra over failing to deliver its promises. The court awarded her half of the amount which she spent on the band along with punitive damages.

Luckily, the music group had the Errors & Omissions insurance policy and they approached the insurer who later, after analysing the situation, settled the claim.

Case: 3

Mr. Manoj Singh took his ailing mother Mrs. Saroj to a nearby private clinic after she suffered a cardiac arrest. The on-duty doctor Jayant Kumar admitted her and started the treatment. As Saroj’s condition was deteriorating, Jayant immediately gave her an injection without checking her medical history. However, the patient was highly allergic to certain medicines and as a result, she got the second cardiac arrest and died within a few minutes.

Manoj filed a case against Jayant for medical negligence. Though, Jayant did his best to save Saroj, he was held guilty of medical negligence and was asked to pay Rs 40 lakh. As Jayant had bought the E&O policy, the insurance company settled the entire compensation amount. In addition to the claim amount, the insurer also took care of the legal costs which were incurred by Jayant while battling the case in the court.

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