Liability Insurance

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Running a successful business always comes with inherent risks. A client could file a suit, a natural disaster can ruin things, or someone can get injured on the site. For this reason, it is essential that a business has an insurance policy in place to protect itself as well as its assets. So, what are the benefits of Business Insurance?

Getting the business adequately insured provides the following benefits of Business Insurance:

Provides bodily injury coverage

In case the business or its operations causes injury to any other person, then the liability insurance covers the bodily injury caused.

Provides property damage coverage

In case the business or its operations causes damage to another party’s property, then the property damage coverage in the liability insurance policy covers the such loss.

Covers for advertising liability

In the event that the business violates the copyright rule of some other party or business, it may cause a copyright infringement issue. However, liability insurance comes to the rescue as it covers the legal liability against such claims.

Helps minimize the financial losses

Having business insurance in place helps the business to reduce financial losses when an unfortunate event occurs.

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For example, when there is a breakdown of particular critical machinery, the firm might not be able to function properly, and this will lead to a loss of revenue. But having a business liability insurance policy will help the company to cover any losses incurred during the period.

Coverage for lawsuits and settlements

When a business causes damage of any sort, the liability insurance policy 0020 covers the investigation and attorney expenses, when a lawsuit is filed against it.

Helps promotes business continuity

An unforeseen event can hit any company, and if the company does not have an insurance policy to help protect against such an event, it may lead to the end of the business if not properly managed. However, business liability insurance helps to minimize risks so that the business continues to operate and grow.

Aids in risk-sharing

When a company makes losses, the insurance company can come to the rescue. In an event where some business hits severe misfortunes, it may not be able to solely afford the cost of getting back on track and running again. However, in the case of an insured business, shared the risk between the company and the insurance company.

Protects the business image

When a business suffers due to an unfortunate event, not only the business suffers. But affects its customers, stakeholders, shareholders, and the public too. Therefore, insurance helps to manage bad occurrences to protect the business and every customer attached to the business.

Case Study:

‘The Bellmount Company’ was in the toy manufacturing business for a decade and was well-known for the arrays of toys that are produced by different age groups of children. The company had many clients in Mumbai that included many local toy shops. In May 2016, the company received an order to make 150 toys for a birthday event. The company began with the manufacturing and packaging process and successfully completed the order.

Upon order completion, delivered the toys to the client. Who in turn gave the product to the guests as a return gift after the birthday party. However, found one of the toys broken. Due to the manufacturing defect in the toy, the sharp plastic edges caused several cuts to one of a child and injured him. Thus filed a lawsuit against the Bellmount Company.

Luckily, the company had a liability insurance policy that offered bodily injury liability coverage. Hence they immediately approached their insurance company.

When the case reached the court, the liability insurance policy covered legal expenses and paid compensation to the injured child.

Since ‘The Bellmount Company’ had adequately secured its business with a business insurance policy, it was able to cover the loss and continue with its business ahead.

About The Author

Rajesh Mehta

MBA Finance

Rajesh has become a distinguished expert in liability insurance with over 8 years of extensive experience in the insurance industry. As a dedicated writer for SecureNow, he crafts insightful and informative blogs and articles that help businesses and individuals understand the nuances of liability insurance, from policy details to industry trends. Throughout his career, Rajesh has developed a profound knowledge of various types of liability coverage, including professional, general, and product liability insurance. Their expertise enables them to break down complex topics into accessible content, making it easier for readers to make informed decisions about their insurance needs.