Doctors Professional Indemnity

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Purchasing Indemnity Insurance for Medical Practitioners

Buying Doctors professional indemnity insurance online can be a convenient and efficient process. In this explainer video, we’ll walk you through the easy steps to purchase the right policy online from SecureNow’s website. We offer one-stop solution for your insurance needs, right from understanding your coverage needs, to comparing quotes and selecting the best insurer. By the end of the video, you’ll have the information you need to confidently buy Professional Indemnity Insurance for doctors?

You can purchase online indennity Insurance by following these steps: research and compare policies from different insurers. It’s crucial to review the policy carefully to understand the coverage it offers. You can use the SecureNow App to purchase medical malpractice insurance online.

Medical practitioners and establishments can obtain Indemnity insurance for Doctors online to safeguard themselves against claims arising from mistakes and omissions. The following steps can be taken to purchase online professional indemnity insurance:

  • Fill in you contact information
  • Select your specialization form the provided list
  • On the Quotes page, select your Limit of Indemnity and Territory and Jurisdiction
  • View Various Insurers’ Quotes by clicking on either slider placed next to the insurer’s logo
  • Select your preferred Quote and clink on ‘Buy’
  • Make online payment
  • Get your risk cover note on your registered email ID immediately (available for select insurers)
  • Fill proposal form online

If you need assistance or guidance for buying an online doctor insurance, SecureNow can help.
Contact us at 96966 83999 or write to us at and share your coverage requirements.