Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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Poor decisions or incorrect responses to events could prove financially crippling for a company’s employees, vendors, stakeholders, or other relevant third parties. If these individuals suffer due to decisions made by an organization’s directors or officers, they might file a lawsuit. Renewing the D&O liability insurance policy in a timely manner would avoid losses incurred due to such lawsuits.

A lawsuit is never a good thing. Besides incurring considerable legal and defense costs, lawsuits might also involve huge financial settlements. These outflows might cause financial hardships for the organization and/or its directors and officers. This is where a directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability insurance policy comes in handy.

What is D&O liability insurance?

A D&O liability insurance policy covers the financial burden of a lawsuit as well as settlements if there is a third-party claim due to errors or omissions by the company’s directors and officers. In fact, it provides extensive coverage and allows for customization as per your organization’s needs.

However, insurers issue the D&O policy for a specific tenure, usually one year. It covers claims occurring during this period only. Once the duration is over, coverage ceases. Of course, to enjoy continued coverage, you can renew your director’s liability insurance cover regularly.

Renewing D&O liability insurance policy


You can renew your policy offline, either by visiting the branch of the insurance company or through an insurance agent or broker. For the former, you can visit the branch of the insurance company, apply for renewal of your policy, pay the renewal premium, and renew the policy. Alternatively, you can contact a broker like SecureNow. We can make the renewal process simpler for you, taking care of the paperwork and negotiating better coverage and premiums while doing so.


Online renewals are easier, simpler, and more convenient since you don’t have to go to the insurance company’s offices. Instead, you can simply log onto the insurance company’s website and opt for online renewals. Then, all you need to do is provide your policy number to check existing coverage details. Thereafter, you can pay the renewal premium online and renew your policy instantly. Even here, SecureNow can help, allowing you to renew easily and also compare policies to ensure you have the best one.

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Things to remember

Here are a few points to keep in mind when renewing your D&O liability insurance cover:

  • The renewal premium will be different from the original premium paid to buy the policy.
  • If you had large claims in the past year, the renewal premium might be higher. Alternatively, if the claim experience was favorable, the premium would be lower.
  • During renewals, you can add or opt out of policy extensions.
  • You can change the sum insured on renewal. Also, you can also add or remove the employees to be insured.


For more information on buying a D&O policy or on renewing your existing policy, visit SecureNow or connect with us on Linkedin