Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

A director’s and officers’ liability insurance policy covers the liability which a company and its employees face if, due to their actions, third parties suffer any loss. The aggrieved third parties can file a lawsuit against the company’s directors and officers or against the company itself for the financial injuries suffered. When that happens, the employees as well as the company might face severe financial losses in paying settlements as well as on legal costs. 

To cover such losses, a D&O insurance policy becomes necessary. The policy covers both the settlements paid as well as the defence costs incurred thereby giving complete financial protection to the company and its employees.

Given the importance of the D & O policy coverage, the policy is offered by many general insurance companies. As such, choosing the right D & O policy insurer for the coverage becomes a challenging task. 

If you are wondering how to choose the right D & O policy insurer to buy a policy, here are a few tips to consider –

  • Check the coverage features offered

The first thing that you should check is the D & O policy coverage offered by different D & O insurance companies. Though the basic coverage is uniform, insurance companies add value-added coverage benefits to their policies to provide something extra. When you compare, you can find the exact scope of coverage offered by different insurance companies. Then, you should pick the coverage benefits which suit your needs and opt for a D & O policy insurer that offers the most inclusive coverage benefits for complete financial security.

  • Look at the policy extensions

Extensions are additional coverage benefits that are offered by insurance companies for customizing the directors’ and officers’ liability policy. Check the list of extensions offered. Choose an insurance company that offers the extensions that you need. Also, check the premium charged for such extensions and zero in on the D&O insurer which offers the relevant extensions at the lowest premiums.

  • Check the premium rates

Once the coverage is determined and compared, the next thing to check is the premium being charged. Insurance companies have their own pricing policies and so, the premium of one D & O insurance policy differs from another policy. When comparing the premiums, don’t overlook the coverage benefits. Compare premiums against the coverage offered to choose an insurer that offers the most inclusive coverage at the best premium rates.

  • Check the claim settlement process

When a claim occurs in your insurance policy you would want a smooth and easy claim settlement so that your financial worries are taken care of. To ensure easy claim settlements, you should check the claim process of the D&O insurance companies when buying the policy. The insurer with the easiest and the most convenient claim process would be the right insurer.

When buying a directors and officers liability policy keep these points in mind and you would be able to choose the right insurer. Always compare the plans offered by different insurers and then make a choice. 

How SecureNow can help?

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