Accidental injury as the name suggest delineates all those types of injuries which are the outcome of an unforeseen and unfortunate mishap. Falls, cuts, burns, road accidents, bites, stings and drowning are examples of accidental injuries. Accidents can happen any time and accidental injury is one of the alarming cause of death. Injuries resulting from an accident such as slip, fall, car crash, trip leading to severe physical damage or hurt have a devastating effect on the lives of people in terms of physical pain, financial crisis and emotional trauma. Such injuries are covered under individual personal accident insurance.

For example, A fall on stairs might cause a slipped disk or fracture or one mistake on the road can be detrimental, or worse fatal. Such accidents can cause devastating outcome if not treated properly, leading to a deep hole in your pocket. To face such eventuality, a personal accident insurance should be the first insurance policy you buy. It protects you and your family in the event of an unexpected injury that requires medical care.

Events like suicide, criminal activities, injuries occurring due to indulgence in adventurous sports activities, drink and drive accidents are generally not covered under personal accidental insurance since their occurrence is out of negligence. So it is equally important to keep an eye on the ailments and event not included in the policy. This policy does not cover disease or any other natural cause of death.

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Precaution is better than cure. Isn’t it? But unforeseen events such as drowning can cause death or grave injury. Availing personal accidental insurance does not provide you with a blank cheque to cover every type of accident because some accident might happen because of negligence or intentional acts. Court has specified that the person should perform every possible measure to avoid an accident and if no attempts are being made then the person acted negligently and no claims will be triggered in such case. It is the responsibility of the insured to take proper measures to avoid mishaps.

One needs to be very clear about the nature of injury before filing a claim against personal accidental policy as it only triggers unfortunate or unforeseen mishaps.

Case: Rahul got injured in a car accident. His car was hit by a third-party vehicle which caused cuts and bruises and skull fracture. The case was critical and needed immediate surgery and it cost around Rs. 30 Lakh. Since he has a personal accident insurance policy, it saved him from such a hefty cost. The policy covers accidental injuries and provided re-reimbursement for all medical costs, lost income up to the limit of sum insured.
Road accidents, accidents to pedestrians may result in serious and fatal injuries. As in the case of Rahul, if personal accident insurance policy would not be there, all his savings would have wiped away because of medical expenses.

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Do not put your savings, dreams and goals at high risk. People end up paying a hefty amount of hospitalization expenses, loss of income because of immobilization during unforeseen incidents. Accident tends to occur at the most unexpected times so don’t let accidents hurt your financial position or savings. One does not buy personal accident insurance because one is going to die, but because those you love are going to live. This policy provides a financial cushion to your family at the time of mishaps. Be it burns, drowning, car crash or a fall, accidental insurance is there to provide coverage for all types of accidental injuries and accidental death benefit to the family.