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Student Safety Insurance for Educational Institutions is a type of insurance that provides coverage for students who are injured while attending school or participating in school-related activities. This type of insurance is designed to protect educational institutions from potential lawsuits and financial losses that may result from accidents or injuries that occur on school property or during school activities.

Educational institutions such as schools and universities can purchase student safety insurance as a means of protecting themselves against potential legal liability in the event of an accident or injury. The insurance can provide financial assistance to injured students and their families, as well as help the educational institution manage the costs associated with accidents and injuries that occur on campus.

Let’s explore more about the benefits of buying under the Educational Institution Insurance Policy.

Benefits of Student Safety Insurance

There are several benefits to having a student safety insurance policy for educational institutions. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below:

  1. Protection against financial losses: With student safety insurance, educational institutions can protect themselves against potential financial losses resulting from lawsuits or claims filed by students who are injured on school property or during school activities.
  2. Assistance with medical expenses: It helps to cover medical expenses of injured students, which can significant financial burden for families.
  3. Liability coverage: It can provide liability coverage for the educational institution, which can help protect it against potential legal action.
  4. Peace of mind: Having a insurance policy can provide peace of mind for parents, students, and educators, knowing that they have coverage in the event of an accident or injury.
  5. Compliance with regulations: State or federal compliance mandates that many educational institutions must possess student safety insurance. Having a policy in place can help ensure that they are meeting these requirements.

Salient Features of Student Safety Insurance Policy

The policy provides coverage to students and their families against the loss of one or more limbs, one or both eyes, one limb and one eye, partial disablement, permanent disablement, and also in the event of death.

The policy covers a period of 12 months and it’s important to renew before the expiry date. The best insurance provider, such as SecureNow, usually requires notification of the accident, death, or injury within seven days.

Exclusions of Student Safety Insurance Policy

The student cannot claim multiple compensations from the different clauses under this policy.

Student Mediclaim related to pregnancy is excluded.

Any injury or loss arising out of war or nuclear activities is excluded from the cover. Suicide attempts, illegal/criminal acts, insanity, etc are not included under this policy.

Summing Up!

SecureNow can provide customized insurance solutions whether it’s student safety or group personal accident insurance for students. We tailor to the specific needs of educational institutions. We can assess the risks and exposures faced by the institution and offer insurance coverage that addresses these risks. Access to multiple insurance providers, expert advice and support, and cost-effective solutions, makes them the finest insurance company in India. For more info, check out our website or ask for instant quotations now!

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