Property Insurance

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In any case, property insurance is not expenditure but a necessity which you should consider if you want to protect your property from both natural and man-made calamities like flood, storm, theft, burglar, etc.
Given that property involves your huge investment, considering a property insurance just expenditure is a mistake.
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Common sense says that if you consider property insurance only an expense, you can make a big mistake. What if something loss or damage happened to your property or item? Any of these items could leave you poorer as you would have to struggle to pick up pieces by starting repair or replacing the damaged items. In such a situation, a property insurance could play a crucial role. Here are some of the ways through which a property insurance policy can help you=
It provides protection against natural calamities
You can’t control the nature’s flurry. The best thing you can do is buy the property insurance and protect your property from the aftermaths of disaster. It means, if a natural calamity strikes and your property is affected, only a property insurance is an instrument which would help in covering all the losses or damages occurring to your property.
It safeguards against man-made perils
Did you know, one shop gutted and 30 damaged in a fire at Chandni Chowk, Delhi, in 2017? Even if you have installed various safety mechanisms, you can’t completely protect your office from perils like theft, fire, riot, etc.
Moreover, irrespective of how much safety precautions you have adopted, fire can happen and damage your goods and services. Therefore, it is indispensable to buy a comprehensive fire insurance (which is the part of the property insurance) to shield your office from man-made perils.
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Further, if you have a fire insurance policy, the insurer will cover all losses or damages which may arise due to fire. Moreover, in certain situations, the insurer also arranges for alternative accommodation when the accident happens due to an insured peril. It means, you can continue doing your business at other place and the insurer will cover charges for the alternative accommodation.
It covers content as well
Another important benefit of having a property insurance is that it not only safeguards the building but also covers the belongings and content of the house.
It means, if you have taken your property on lease, you can purchase a property insurance for covering the content instead of the building structure. When you have a property insurance for your content, you get a financial guarantee against various risks and damages which may occur due to mishaps or calamities.
It gives peace of mind
Sometimes, sympathy is enough to deal with the biggest problem. When you have a property insurance, you can be rest assured that in case an accident happens, you can rely on the insurer to deal with the financial loss. This protection in the form of insurance can give you peace of mind and let you concentrate more on your business.
It is affordable
There are some property insurance policies, like motor fleet insurance, which covers all the vehicles of the company in a single insurance policy. It means, you only need to buy one insurance policy to cover all your company’s vehicles on a single policy and thus, it reduces paperwork and premium both.
It can be customized
A property insurance is an umbrella term which includes various types of insurance policies. It ranges from marine insurance, engineering and burglary insurance, fire insurance policy, etc. A property insurance policy covers buildings, heavy machinery, equipment, etc. It means, as per your business requirements, you can buy the suitable policy and customize it as per your needs.
Now once we have analysed all the benefits of a property insurance policy, we can say it confidently that property insurance is not an expense but a necessity which should be purchased by every property owner.

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