Shopkeepers Insurance

Shopkeeping is an economic activity which is pursued with the prime objective of earning profits within the government regulations and social Morales. For most of the people, shops are their main sources of earnings, which not only offer income but is also considered as the asset. Therefore, it is essential to protect this means of livelihood.
In order to ensure that shopkeepers focus only on their shops and business, it is imperative that shopkeeper’s mind is free from all kinds of worries, which are not related to business, or other similar hassles, which otherwise, could heavily impact their business activity. These worries can arise while performing their business activities.
Here, shopkeeper’s insurance can come to your rescue. The policy is designed to cover all the types of business risks which are faced by small or medium-sized shop owners. It plays a crucial role by giving you protection for the property and your interests in the business venture.
Here are some of the benefits which make it sense to buy shopkeeper insurance policy

1. Complete coverage for buildings & content against natural and man-made perils

Do you know, a few days ago, a fire broke out at a shoe shop in Dehradun and destroyed property worth lakhs of rupees? The owner of the shop had to incur heavy losses, however, the situation would have been different if the owner had bought shopkeeper insurance policy. The policy plays a crucial role by offering comprehensive coverage for buildings and content against a myriad of risks like a riot, fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, flood, storm, etc. In fact, the policy offers coverage against both natural and man-made perils.

2. Secures against burglary and housebreaking

Many times, even high-tech safety equipment fails to secure shops from events like theft, burglary, housebreaking, etc. The same thing happened in one of the cities of Punjab when goods and Rs 20,000 cash were stolen from the general store a few months ago.
If God forbid, your shop also catches the attention of thieves, or if the burglary happens, you would have to incur heavy losses which you can easily avoid by buying shopkeeper insurance policy. The policy covers contents of the insured premises against various losses or damages by burglary and/or housebreaking. Here, it is crucial to understand that the insurer doesn’t cover money and valuables unless the same has been explicitly mentioned in the policy document.

3. Secures you and your family against accidents

Being the driving force behind the success of your business, it is essential to protect yourself. What if you met with an accident and died? Or, you have an accident which makes you disable. In both the situations, there would be an emotional and financial loss. Here, shopkeeper insurance can help. The policy offers coverage to the policyholder against bodily injury caused solely and directly by accidents and results in death, temporary and permanent disability. The payout received from shopkeeper insurance can be used to run both the shop and your house.
As a policyholder, you can extend the policy to insure your spouse as well.
Along with the above benefits, the following are some of the other coverages which you can get under shopkeeper insurance policy
• Fidelity Guarantee
• Public Liability
• Loss of Profit
• Money Insurance
How to Buy Shopkeeper Insurance?
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