Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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How to file a claim under a D&O policy?

In an organisation, directors and officers take managerial and executive decisions for the company. However, during the course of their activities, directors and officers can make mistakes or neglect a part of their duties. They may do so unknowingly. However, if any third party suffers a loss due to the wrongful actions of the directors and officers of an organisation, they may file a legal suit against the director or the organisation.

A D & O liability insurance policy covers the financial losses suffered by the organisation and/or its directors and officers due to errors or negligence in discharging their duties. If there is a third party claim, the policy compensates for the loss suffered.

Types of claims settled under D&O policy

A D&O policy settles the following types of claims –

  • Claims due to misrepresentation or non-disclosure
  • Claims due to breach of duty
  • Employee-related claims
  • Investor related claims
  • Claims due to breach of regulations
  • Claims due to bankruptcy

During any D&O insurance claim, the organisation must follow the claim procedure for easy settlement of claims. Let’s understand what the procedure is:

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How to file a claim under a D&O policy?

  • Inform the insurance company

The first step which the organisation should take is to inform the insurance company. This information should be given by filling up and submitting the D&O insurance claim form. After you intimate the insurance company about the claim, the insurer would start the claim process. The insurer would also guide you with the next steps in the claim settlement procedure. You should inform the insurer even if the legal costs are below the minimum insurance threshold or if you have simply received a legal notice that you may not respond to.

  • Provide information during the investigation

The insurance company would investigate the cause of the claim and its extent. This investigation ensures that the scope of the policy covers the claim. It also aids in  estimating the possible claim amount. The insurance company sends a surveyor to survey the claim. The surveyor investigates the claim and prepares a claim report. This report enables the insurance company to proceed with the claim settlement.

  • Answer any queries during the final review

On receiving the investigation report, the insurance company reviews it and matches it with the scope of the policy. After ensuring the coverage of the claim, the insurer completes the claim settlement.

In case of deductibles, the organisation would have to first pay the deductibles. The insurer will settle the claim after that and pay only the amount over the deductible.

Claim documents for D & O Insurance

Different types of claim documents for D&O insurance are needed to get the claim settled. These documents include the following:

  • Claim form
  • Policy copy
  • Investigation report
  • Proof of the expenses incurred
  • Court decree or order which stipulates the compensation payable by the organisation against the third party liability
  • Any other document as needed by the insurance company

Why take assistance in D&O insurance claims?

D&O insurance claims are usually settled on a reimbursement basis wherein you incur the expenses yourself and then the policy reimburses you for the same. The claim procedure and queries are technical. The process of filing the claim takes a considerable amount of time. The organisation can, thus, take the help of its insurance broker or insurance expert to help it with the claim settlement process.

SecureNow provides expert claims advisory for D&O insurance claims. Right from initiating the claim to submitting claim documents for D&O insurance, SecureNow helps you with everything. So, if you face a D&O insurance claim you can contact us to get assistance with the claim settlement.

File your D&O insurance claims properly so that the settlement is expedited. Visit or call us at 96966 83999 for assistance.