Health Newsletter

1. Red Bell Peppers:

Red bell peppers are considered as a safeguard for smokers. They are truly wonderful for lung health. They are enriched with beta-cryptoxanthin which lowers the risk of lung cancer and other lung infections.

2. Spinach:
Spinach is loaded up with vitamin B that helps protect lung health. Regular consumption of food made from spinach can also lower the risk of lung cancer. To reap full on benefits of spinach, you can either eat spinach salad or spinach soup in your lunch and supper.
3. Beans:
American Cancer Society states that beans are really good for lung health. Black beans, pinto beans and kidney beans are a rich source of antioxidants which help to protect lungs from infections. They also help fight off the free radicals that can damage the lungs.
4. Walnuts:
If you are a vegetarian and cannot eat fatty fish, then walnuts are the best option for you. Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids just like fatty fish. Just eating a handful of walnuts daily can help you fight asthma and other respiratory ailments.

5. Apple:

It is rightly said- an apple a day, keeps the doctor away! Apples are really wholesome and effective fruits. If you want to focus on lung health, you should surely eat an apple a day. It is enriched with loads of essential nutrients that are important for our overall well-being. Even apple-juice and cider are is ‘fruitful’ for our health and fitness.

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