Doctors Professional Indemnity

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We often elevate doctors to the status of a God as they have peoples’ lives in their hands. However, mistakes can happen at times in their careers, as doctors are human too.  If the error is minor, it may not harm the patient or anyone else; if it is something huge, the consequences can range from death or disability for the patient to financial and social damage for the doctor himself. We expect doctors to do their best to be alert, cautious, up-to-date on the latest research and treatments, and treat their patients to the best of their abilities. However, what happens when an irreversible mistake occurs? Medical indemnity insurance covers the medical practitioner against such errors as the consequences can be too massive amounts. 

Why Medical Indemnity Insurance?

Medical Indemnity Insurance financially protects medical practitioners against allegations of medical negligence or poor services and provides legal support if required. The insurance is applicable for dentists, nurses, cardiologists, anaesthetists, medical practitioners etc. or any staff of the hospital, including the people in management. 

It is not always the medical practitioner who is liable for the loss or damage. The patient and family often try to harass them. Medical Indemnity insurance can be a boon for doctors and medical practitioners as they always carry legal risks in their profession. Many insurance providers provide comprehensive coverage for medical liability insurance plans, and a little research can help you get the best policy without spending too much. 

There have been many cases of medical negligence in India, which had severe consequences causing disabilities and even death.

One such tragic incident took place in Delhi some time ago, where a four-month-old baby was given pain killers following which it became completely silent. After an hour, the doctors declared him dead. The family filed a police complaint under medical negligence against the hospital and the doctors involved in the treatment of the baby. Another case took place in Bihar, where a nurse mistakenly gave a woman acid instead of water. There are many such cases of gross negligence that often cost people their lives. 

Risk and uncertainty are inevitable in healthcare organizations. Human nature, the provision of intricate and multifaceted care, and the highly complex system of healthcare guarantee that healthcare entities will face adverse circumstances. However, these occurrences can be mitigated with risk management techniques. 

Features of Medical Indemnity Insurance

Medical Indemnity Insurance, also known as Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors, is a liability insurance cover that protects individuals from professional risks and related legal expenses. It provides the medical practitioners’ indemnity in case a third party sustains an injury, harm, death, or damage to property due to the professional service or advice provided by the insured. 

It provides the following benefits:

  • Coverage

Medical indemnity insurance covers any legal liability arising out of errors, omissions, or negligence of a medical professional while rendering a service, which causes injury or disability to a third party or even death. 

  • Group Policies

Group policies are also available for medical indemnity cover. However, it covers only the members of one profession. Professional indemnity insurance for medical establishments covers hospitals and their medical staff under a single policy. 

  • Defence Expenses If Any

Medical Indemnity Insurance also covers defence costs. All the fees applicable to the defence of the insured doctor in court is payable out of the sum insured. So, this includes lawyer fees and settlement charges if any.

  • Exclusions

Medical indemnity insurance policy only covers civil liability claims. This policy does not cover the claims arising out of criminal acts or violations of the law.

Following are the general exclusions under this policy:

  • A criminal act, fraud and other violations of law
  • If the insured is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while rendering the service.
  • Any condition which is associated or caused by AIDS
  • Legal liability arising out of personal injuries such as false arrest, slander, wrongful detention, libel, defamation, wrongful eviction
  • Infringement of copyright, plans, trade name, patent, registered design, or trademark
  • Willful or deliberate non-compliance with statutory regulations
  • Financial loss is borne by the insured, such as loss of goodwill
  • War activities

SecureNow provides doctors professional indemnity insurance quotes online that will help you compare and choose the best cover for yourself. The insurance offered is recognized by hospitals that you work in, in India and overseas. 

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Medical Indemnity Insurance covers claims made by your patients for negligence, wrong treatment, or mishaps. The insurance will pay the costs of litigation, court fees, and settlements. Some insurers also provide you with legal advice and support to defend yourself.