Doctors Professional Indemnity

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With rising consumer awareness, courts are becoming more consumer-friendly. For instance, situations are increasing where patients or their family members sue hospitals and doctors for malpractice or negligence. Moreover, in many cases, courts have ordered hospitals and doctors to pay compensation to the aggrieved parties. Such claims often impact hospitals and doctors heavily, both in terms of their professional reputation and their financial situation. 
Hence, the need for doctors’ professional indemnity insurance in India, to protect medical practitioners from unforeseen claims, is progressively increasing. 

What Is Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors?

Professional indemnity insurance for doctors is a policy to protect and safeguard their finances from unexpected claims and compensations that arise when patients sue them for medical negligence or malpractice. In other words, the amount is quantified based on mental trauma and damage caused, patients expect substantial monetary compensation. 

Inclusions and Exclusions

In India, most insurers cover the following under professional indemnity insurance

  • The extent of financial damage and loss to the patient due to unintentional neglect
  • Errors and omissions 
  • Defence costs
  • And these covers are applicable to all the medical staff

However, the policy does not apply against liabilities arising due to:

  • Criminal acts or frauds
  • Any surgery performed under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Weight reduction procedures
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Blood banks 

Unintended negligence and mistakes not only have an impact on your reputation but also result in a huge financial loss. In conclusion, professional indemnity insurance helps you manage your losses without having to deal with major financial setbacks. 

 Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors 

So, having a good insurance plan will relieve you of financial worries, along with the following benefits:

  • It Boosts your Confidence 

The fear of mistakes often holds you back from fulfilling your duties. Having the right insurance in place will help you practice with more confidence and encourage you to take calculated risks for better results. 
Lack of professional indemnity insurance will make you feel afraid of the consequences. This would tend to reduce your readiness to take important decisions and well-weighed risks that might help your career growth and reputation. 

  • Prepares you for unforeseen risks

Furthermore, doctors carry the significant responsibility of healing their patients. Sometimes, the results may not be as intended. Such outcomes are never predictable. Hence it is best to have a financial backup in place. As a result, Indemnity insurance helps you stay prepared for any such crisis. 

  • Keeps your practice stable

Financial losses can become a hindrance to your practice. Without medical indemnity insurance, you may have to pay claims and compensations out of your pocket. To ensure your smooth financial functioning, you must buy professional indemnity insurance, also available online.  

  • Pays legal costs

With professional indemnity insurance, you can improve your chances of winning a case as it provides for defence costs to fight a case. Therefore, this allows you to hire a good lawyer and other reliable legal support.  

  • Keeps your assets safe

In situations where the amount of compensation is large, you may even have to sell off or mortgage your assets to be able to pay. A professional indemnity insurance cover acts as a financial backup to fall back upon in such a crisis. 
SecureNow offers various insurance options for professional indemnity for doctors that are recognized by hospitals in India. You can easily compare and buy the right insurance for yourself online. The insurance will pay for court fees, the cost of litigation and any settlements ordered. This insurance also provides legal advice and support to defend yourself. It offers many other benefits that you can explore here.