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If you are a medical student, you need to carry a medical professional liability insurance policy with you. It is not limited to if you are joining a hospital for your training. You will need this medical malpractice insurance even if you observe during your training in a small clinic. The training institutes often require this medical insurance to protect against any lawsuits.

Why do Students Need Medical Malpractice Insurance?

If the students want to earn their professional licence, they must undergo several hours of hands-on clinical experience. These medical students are trained and supervised by a full-time, experienced, licensed healthcare employee.

However, medical students are still at the risk of malpractice lawsuits. Hence, students should buy a medical professional liability insurance policy to continue their medical practice without worrying about issues. Although it is not a mandate, there are many benefits to taking it and the consequences of not going for it.

What is Medical Negligence Insurance?

According to a 2016 Johns Hopkins study, the third leading death cause in the United States is due to medical errors. Medical errors can be anything from wrong treatment to faulty treatment advice.  

Medical malpractice insurance is for medical practitioners to safeguard from liabilities from patients financially. It includes liability coverage of patients’ claims of injuries or damages due to medical errors.

Benefits of Taking Medical Malpractice Insurance:

Here are a few benefits of taking medical liability insurance before you start your training:

  • Sum Insured

One of the reasons why it is an excellent practice to get yourself insured is to save from malpractice claims. Medical liability insurance usually offers a high sum, financially protecting medical students.

  • Coverage in malpractice insurance

Medical students have a lot to manage and keep in order. Sometimes, there can be unintentional errors or mistakes, resulting in severe consequences. In such cases, if the students have a doctor’s indemnity insurance, they can protect themselves from potential losses. These insurance policies offer a wide range of coverage, for instance, losses because of defamation.

Consequences of Not Taking Medical Malpractice Insurance:

Let’s look at some of the reasons why not taking this medical insurance can have consequences for a student:

  • Financial Liability

If students do not have medical negligence insurance, they will be responsible for all the legal costs, settlements, or damages resulting from malpractice claims. It can become a financial burden with long-lasting consequences.

  • Limited Opportunities

These days, most healthcare centres look for students who have medical malpractice insurance with them before giving them the opportunity. If they don’t, someone may need to give them more opportunities related to patient care or clinical rotations.

  • Professional Reputation

A patient’s malpractice claim is the most significant risk in the medical business. A student’s professional reputation may be seriously jeopardised if they are the target of a malpractice lawsuit. It can also limit their future career prospects. Even if the claim is incorrect, it can still hamper the reputation.

  • Impact on Education

When a student chooses not to take medical liability insurance, they are exposing themselves to risks during their training. To avoid that risk, most students refrain from participating in the different clinical activities. Thus, it can impact the overall education and exposure to learning experiences.


If you are a medical student, you must have practical experience before applying for a professional licence. It is essential to concentrate on actual skills without worrying about malpractice lawsuits to obtain experience. Hence, it is always a good idea to get medical liability insurance and complete exposure to medical practices.

About The Author

Saloni Mishra 

MBA Insurance Management

With an illustrious career in the insurance sector, Saloni is a distinguished writer specializing in articles concerning doctor professional indemnity policies for SecureNow. Leveraging 12 years of hands-on experience, she understands the intricate nuances of professional indemnity insurance tailored specifically for medical professionals. Her articles offer invaluable insights into the significance of doctor professional indemnity coverage, addressing the unique risks and challenges healthcare practitioners face. Renowned for their expertise and attention to detail, Saloni is committed to providing readers with informative and actionable content that empowers them to make informed decisions regarding their insurance needs.

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