Penetration of insurance in India is relatively low compared to the developed countries, with only about 4% of the population being insured. This is due to a variety of reasons like low awareness of the benefits of insurance, high premiums, and a lack of access to insurance products in rural areas of the country. To increase insurance penetration in India, the government and insurance companies could focus on considering and implementing distribution reforms. This could include increasing the number of insurance agents and Insurance brokers, particularly in rural areas. Providing training and support to help these insurance agents and brokers effectively sell insurance products cam make a huge difference. In addition, the government could consider implementing regulatory reforms to make life insurance and non life insurance products more affordable and accessible to a wider section of the society. Finally, raising awareness about the importance of insurance and the financial protection it provides could also encourage more people to purchase insurance product like health insurance, Term Life insurance and Corono Kavach Insurance.