Gym Insurance

Most of the people hit the gym or fitness centres in the hope to shed that extra kilos. However, what if an accident happens at the gym and they lost their lives? That’s what happened in Mumbai where a 29-year old National athlete died of a cardiac stroke while working out in the gym.
Health clubs, gyms and fitness centres focus on keeping their members healthy and hale. If you are operating a workout facility, you know that when people are involved in some intense physical activities, things sometimes can go against them. Someone can get injured while operating the equipment or pulls a hamstring while working out with his/her fitness professional. All such incidents can invite a wide array of liability claims and lawsuits, which can trouble your business financially. Here, a gym insurance policy can secure you and your facility.
What Does Gym Insurance Entail?
A gym insurance is a combination of various types of insurance coverages which are apt for your gym, fitness centres and health clubs. The specific coverage which you would be required would depend on a myriad of factors, including the size of your facility along with the types of services which are offered and the number of employees.
A typical Gym Liability Insurance will offer you coverage against various types of liability risks, which you may face, like:

  1. General Liability: It covers bodily injury and property damage caused to your fitness centre.
  2. Professional Liability: It covers those risks which may arise due to ‘errors and omission’ made by your employees. For instance, if an advice given by your employee regarding an exercise regime leads to the injury to the client, it would be covered by the insurance policy.
  3. Product Liability: It covers all those risks which are related to products like nutritional products, supplements etc.; which have been sold by the fitness or gym owner.
  4. Employees Practice Liability: In the event when your fitness centre or gym is accused of sexual harassment or discrimination regarding hiring/firing of employees and employee discipline, the insurance policy will offer you coverage.
  5. Property Coverage: It covers damages caused to your gym facility or building from perils like severe weather, fire and earthquake.

Further, as per your requirements, you may need additional coverage, which may depend upon the nature of services provided at the workout facility or gym. You will need to purchase extra cover if your health club, gym or fitness centre impart services like rock climbing walls, tanning beds, etc. Here are some of the services for which you can buy extra cover:

  • Day spa services
  • Swimming pools
  • Tanning services
  • Hot tubs and saunas
  • Massage
  • Skin care services

Customised Gym Insurance Policy
While some gym centres provide general exercise facilities—muscle toning, aerobic workout equipment and free weights— other facilities pave focus on the specific contact sport, like martial arts studios and boxing. Many of these facilities provide a venue and training for those who are indulged in high-impact sports and thus, have high potential risks.
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If you are running a kickboxing gym, martial arts gym and boxing gym, customise your gym liability insurance to make sure it covers you for liability risks which are involved in these sports. This kind of insurance policies can also offer an additional medical coverage to participants in case of sponsored tournaments and competitions.
The right gym insurance can safeguard promoters, employees and volunteers from liability claims and bodily injury, as well as property damage, happens during events.
To ensure you choose the right gym liability insurance with the proper coverage, work with SecureNow, a knowledgeable corporate insurance advisor, who can assess all your risks and create a tailored plan that complies with your needs and budget.