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How Does Group Term Life Insurance Work?

Employees are the most valuable assets of an organization. As an employer, one may feel responsible for their well-being and the security of their respective families. In case an employee dies a natural or accidental death, it affects not only his family but is unpleasant for the organization and his colleagues as well. The best […]

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What Are The Benefits Offered Under Group Term Life Insurance?

Group Term Life Insurance Policy Benefits both employers and employees in multiple ways: Benefit for Employers Group term insurance helps in retention of talented employees. The premium or cost of such policy is tax deductible for the firm. Helps maintain a healthy relationship with employees and retain the preferred employer brand. It is an inexpensive […]

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Who Can Purchase Group Term Life Insurance?

Following types of groups can buy group term life insurance on the lives of the group members: Employer-employee Consumer Groups Associations for their Members Non-Profit Organisations Other Self-interest groups formed for a purpose other than to avail a group insurance An employer can purchase this policy for employee groups In the case of an employer […]

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