Architect's Liability Insurance

The decision to buy architects insurance for a firm or even an independent or freelancer contractor is not essentially an easy one to make at the outset. When an architect is faced with this decision, it is possibly an indicator that there might be some significant happenings, like winning a large contract or planning to expand the business, that might warrant the extra protection. Although some people may consider architects’ insurance an unnecessary expense, it is indeed an expense that can offer immense benefits.
The architects’ insurance can ease work for architectures by offering the following benefits:
1.Protection against alleged errors and omissions
 The main motto of architects’ insurance is to safeguard the policyholder from potential errors which may occur during the job. In a creative field, like architecture, it is common for even the most skilled worker to make a wrongful measurement or simply write wrong dimensions. A simple error can result in costly errors. In the absence of architects’ insurance policy, the architect firm would have to pay for losses out of its pocket. The same situation is true even if an architect is working on a freelancing basis. However, one can avoid this situation by purchasing architects’ insurance policy.
2.Handle claims of all sizes
Even a minor error can result in claims. Many architects hesitate to purchase the policy as they think it will help only in case of catastrophic events. However, this is a wrong assumption. Architects can be held liable for minor mistakes or for those that are made by other people working on its project. Moreover, architects’ insurance covers minor issues, like delay in construction, faulty cost estimate, etc. Most professional liability claims arise when the professional fails to meet the expectations. It is essential for architectural firms to safeguard themselves from these smaller issues just like they should get protection from the larger ones.
3.Commercial general liability insurance is not sufficient
A commercial general liability insurance offers coverage to policyholders from incidents like an accident that arise on the property. In any case, the commercial general liability insurance will not cover those incidents which are strictly related to the work, in the creative field, like architecture. Further, most commercial general liability insurance policies exclude personal liability claims, and therefore, they alone may not be sufficed for the need of the architectural office, whereas architects’ insurance is diversified in its coverage.
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4.Benefits are more than costs
Many small architectural firms consider architects’ insurance as a wastage of money and therefore, they shun the idea of purchasing the policy. However, this step can backfire on them in case something goes wrong. In case of unfortunate events, the cost of damages would be much higher than the insurance premium. Those architects who wisely cover themselves under architects’ insurance give themselves the peace of mind. They know that they would be covered in case of unforeseen events, irrespective of the quantum of the cover. The architects’ insurance will cover the entire legal fees incurred in a lawsuit along with settlement costs that are incurred. An architect can easily go bankrupt if he/she would have to cover these costs alone.
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Obtaining architects’ insurance is a fantabulous way to curtail costs. Whether it is an independent contractor or a large corporation, every architect works towards saving money wherever possible. Although the premium of the policy varies from one insurer to another, the cost of architects’ insurance policy is less than what you would have to incur in its absence.
Undeniably, architects’ insurance acts as a safety net for professionals which would come handy in case of any unfortunate event. Even if a claim is never made on the policy, it is still useful to go with this insurance policy to get the sense of security and peace of mind. Thanks to architects’ insurance policy, you can perform your professional duties without worries.

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