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7 Highly Motivational and Productive Employee Engagement Activities
Employee engagement is not rocket science. Yes, effectively improving your employee engagement levels through appropriate activities in the workplace can sometimes prove to be a little tricky. But as an employer, you need to make sure that your employees are motivated enough to work at their best in your firm, and that they come to the office every day with lots of enthusiasm and eagerness to accomplish their work. 
As an employer, you should find ways to improve employee engagement activities that can motivate them and help in increasing their productivity. Let us look at some activities that can help you boost motivation among your employees. Also, let us see how employee insurance schemes work to build up job security and motivation for your employees:

  1. Encourage and Provide Learning Opportunities

Lack of learning prospects is one of the top three reasons why employees quit companies. You can overcome this problem in different ways – eg by creating an academy, where employees can have access to the knowledge that they need to build and develop their skills. 
As an employer, assess your employees’ learning needs and preferences and create a curriculum with one to two classes per week. 
Make it fun by organising a proper graduation ceremony – perhaps even with mortarboard hats and flowers to reward them. This engaging activity will not only motivate your employees to learn better, but the friendly competition created there will help to increase team bonding.

  1. Promote Employee Feedback

Let’s say your business is languishing in terms of market share or sales; what you as an employer can do is ask for honest feedback and suggestions from your employees. Asking for suggestions can provide you with benefits such as:

  • You can get innovative ideas from your employees, which can help you get back on track.
  • Your employees get to realise that their honest feedback is valued especially as they see their selected suggestions put into practice – this will motivate them to share more feedback in future for the benefit of the company. They also start thinking of themselves as key stakeholders in the company’s success.
  1. Hold Regular Get-Togethers

The best way to get to know your colleagues on a personal level is by throwing regular get-togethers/parties. You will not only get to know your employees better, but it will also encourage creativity and collaboration. Throwing regular get-togethers doesn’t mean that you have to plan an extensive event every week, a simple BYOL (bring your own lunch) or celebrating birthdays together is usually enough to accomplish enhanced engagement.
You can also celebrate achievements like being awarded a new project or completing monthly assignments on time; this will “refill” your employee’s energy tanks with the recognition provided, as you celebrate their hard work and results.

  1. Arrange Regular Sports Events

Arranging regular sports meets is a great way to bond your employees strongly. Employees love getting involved in tournaments, games, and competitions such as-

  • Table tennis or pool tournaments
  • A “bake a cake” challenge in office 
  • An office football league
  • A cricket tournament 

Consider hosting such events, they don’t need to be fancy, but fund them adequately. You can also arrange team-building activities such as-

  • Go-cart racing 
  • Laser tag or paint-ball 
  • Bowling 
  • Off-site tours

These activities will facilitate team-bonding outside of the workspace.

  • Listen to Your Employees

This does not mean you have to blindly agree on every topic. Listening is all about acknowledging their concerns or opinions and taking appropriate actions. By doing this, you let them know that their voice has power in the organisation and helps improve their sense of self-worth and value to the organisation and hence improves their motivation. 

  1. Click and Display  Team Photos

One of the simple activities that can encourage work relationships and employee engagement is taking photos at various events – just clicking regular individual or group snaps of your employees. It can even include taking funny “candid” or “busy at work” pictures, then displaying these around the office. People feel happy that they have been spotted and acknowledged at work or during their participation in events, and repay this with enhanced levels of commitment and effort at the work desk.

  • Ensure Financial Security in Emergencies

Your employee, who is giving 8 to 10 hours on weekdays to your organisation often look for two things from you:

  • Work-life balance 
  • Overall sense of security

With flexible working hours and other amenable office policies, you can provide work-life balance to your employees that they need. You can give your employee a critical extra benefit by buying a employee group health insurance scheme. It will not only help you retain talented employees but will also offer them security on the health front by offering :

  • Access to good healthcare facilities in case of accidents or emergency health issues
  • Peace of mind that comes from the implicit financial security

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