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dive bomber
This exercise requires you to start in a piked position . You then lower your nose to the ground while maintain your arched position . Right before your nose hits the floor flatten yourself out as if you are trying to slide under a bar and keeping your hips low to the ground drive your head upwards until you are looking straight ahead. Finally, do everything in reverse until you are back at the starting position. That was one divebomber pushup.

Bear Crawls

 bear crawl

Its easy to explain – just get on all fours and start crawling as fast as you can. But remember, these aren’t baby crawls…they’re bear crawls, and bears don’t crawl with their knees on the ground

Table Rows

table row exercise
All you need is a table, a low bar, or something else you can slide under and hold onto. Now, pull yourself upwards towards the tabletop. Rows are a very effective back exercise and this is probably the closest you’ll get to doing them on the road.


Take a large step with one foot and bend your knee to a 90 degree angle . Although you can walk forward with each lunge you don’t have to. You can stay in the same spot if you want and just keep switching legs.

Pull Ups

 pull ups

Depending on your grip. You are essentially working out your entire back. Like table rows, however, this exercise requires something for you to grab.

Back Extensions

 back extensions

Starting in the prone position pull your head and upper back off the ground. Hold it for a second as you focus on contracting your back muscles and then lower yourself back down.

1 Leg Squats

 leg squats

Start off by using a chair and then gradually wean yourself off of it.


Start by squatting down. Next, shoot your feet out in to a pushup position and guess what? That’s right, do a pushup. Now bring your feet back under you and explode upwards reaching as high as you can.

Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers
While this is primarily a cardiovascular workout, it works a number of muscles in the process. It can be a bit hard to describe, but in order to start this exercise you need to assume a pushup position . Now your are going to alternate bringing your legs up towards you hands . Keep doing this until you feel the burn.



Although normal crunches are super effective by themselves, there are numerous variations that you can try in order to hit your oblique abdominals as well