Group Personal Accident

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Employees are important for the continuity of any firm’s operations. So, it becomes very important to protect them against unfortunate events that can result in partial or permanent disability or even death of the employee. The group personal accidental insurance offers this cover to the employees on behalf of the employer.

The group personal accident insurance also shares the financial liability of the company by processing the claims instantly. This helps the employees or their nominees quickly get the benefits in case of any emergency as well helps the company also to avoid any liability.

This insurance policy makes the employees feel that they are an essential part of the organization and the company is concerned about the well-being of its employees. It helps the company to protect the employees from any unfortunate events that can cost the company otherwise. So, it helps in making a good image of the organization between the employees. As well as also attract a talented pool of people to the company.

A Case for Group Personal Accidental insurance

Mr. Kaustubh Chandra, an employee with a leading software industry, is the sole bread earner of his family consisting of his wife Shelly and two minor children. Kaustubh’s office is located almost 20 km from his home and he commutes to the office daily by his personal car. This takes up a lot of his time, almost 1.5 hours, every day to and fro.

On the way to work one morning, suddenly an overspeeding bus from behind strikes his car. And sends it flying across the divider to the land turtle on the other side. Kaustubh, trapped inside, badly injured, lies unconscious.

In an instant, his life shattered. Kaustubh became permanently disabled as both his legs have had to be amputated, due to forming gangrene.

His company’s group accident insurance policy helps Kaustubh smoothen out some of the discomforts. Not only does he get a sizeable amount of money for his disability. But his ambulance travel charges are also fully reimbursed. This helps cover some of the huge costs they had to incur in the treatment and rehabilitation of Kaustubh.