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A fire is not only physically and financially damaging, but can be traumatic for those involved. As fires are unexpected, it’s important to know how to deal with them if they occur. The aftermath is stressful. So, it’s of utmost importance to obtain the fire NOC document from the Fire department for quick settlement of the fire insurance claims.

What is a “Fire NOC”?

The fire No-objection Certificate (NOC) is the mandatory certificate issued by the fire department to comply with the requirements of fire safety regulations. Before securing this certificate, the concerned authority will carry out a detailed inspection. So, this will ensure that your premises are complying with the laws related to fire safety. 

What are the Governing laws to obtain NOC from the fire department?

The fire regulations are stated under the 12th Schedule of the Constitution, which falls under the scope of the various municipalities. Therefore, different state governments manage the regulations to prevent and protect fire activities. 

Which Buildings Require NOC from the Fire department?

Buildings with more than 15 meters in height must obtain the fire NOC from the fire department. Additionally, the following building categories must adhere to fire safety regulations:

  • Residential Buildings with Part Commercial Usage
  • Educational Buildings
  • Assembly buildings including cinema halls, ceremonial houses, etc.
  • Business Buildings having offices
  • Institutional buildings such as hospitals, and nursing homes.
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hazardous buildings
  • Mercantile buildings

We know that fire accidents are unforeseen and the repercussions can lead to fragility. Therefore, having a financial backup plan such as a fire insurance policy is essential to deal with the aftermath. There are numerous benefits of fire insurance, such as it covers all forms of insured assets, offers a sense of security, coverage against a range of perils, and also provides easier availability to bank loans. 

Is NOC mandatory for Fire Insurance Claims?

While dealing with fire insurance claims, insurance companies request the insured to confirm compliance with certain statutory requirements as mentioned in the NOC that pertain to the insurance risks. If there is non-compliance with such statutory requirements, it might result in the denial of liability for insurance claims by the insurer.

What if you don’t have a Fire NOC?

If you haven’t obtained the fire NOC or your building doesn’t comply with the fire safety regulations, it might result in various penal provisions and imprisonment. 

Are there any rules for exemption?

Under the following conditions insurer can provide an exemption for Fire NOC:-

  • Residential buildings up to 18 meters or five floors do not require the fire NOC.
  • Various offices, banks, academic institutions, assembly buildings and professional establishments are of plot sizes of 500 sq. meters and buildings of two floors or less.
  • Even industries that handle, store, or process highly combustible or explosive material or chemicals are exempt if they are functioning in buildings of the above-mentioned category plus those not covered under Section 13 of the Fire Act of 1999.


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