Workmen Compensation

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Steps To Take When Your Employee Is Injured At Work

The world is full of uncertainties, and no one can predict their fate, but we keep on trying for a better tomorrow. Similarly, your organization is your little world where you try best for your employee’s safety. But sometimes worst things can happen like a workplace injury or illness that does not only affects your employee but often have a long-lasting effect on any business.
Accidents are inevitable, and despite your continuous efforts to prevent common injuries, accidents still happen. That’s why you, as an employer, should be prepared to deal with such workplace injury. Buying Workmen Compensation insurance can help in your preparation. We at SecureNow, helps you compare workmen compensation policy of various insurance companies so that you can choose the best plan for your firm.
To handle workplace injuries properly, the employer should follow these steps:

Seek Medical Attention

The very first thing as an employer that you should do is to make sure that the injured employee gets the proper medical attention. So that they can get better. For major injuries, seek immediate medical care and call ambulance helpline no- 102 to get assistance. Even for minor injuries make arrangements to take them to the nearest medical provider. 

 Steps to take if your employee is injured at work and wants to see a doctor for proper medical attention, don’t stop them as this will cause you enormous legal trouble in the future.
Having a workmen compensation policy can be of enormous advantage in such cases as some carriers provide the policyholder with 24/7 access to an injured employee hotline where you can talk to professional doctors, nurses and provide proper medical treatment at the time of emergency.
Workmen compensation policy can save lives in an emergency medical situation, get a quote of workmen compensation insurance with us, SecureNow.    

After the employee has been given appropriate medical attention and care. It’s your job as an employer to investigate the site of an accident. And secure it as quickly as possible for investigation purposes. 
Put on your detective hat and search for clues at the site of the accident. Talk to witnesses and record their statements, take notes. A thorough and detailed investigation might help you in the prevention of further accidents, which will eventually help you lower your workmen’s compensation insurance premium. 

Complete Paperwork and Report Injury Properly

After you have provided your employees with proper care. It’s time for you to think about your obligations and protocol as an employer. The injured employee has all the right to file the claim, and you should provide them with the claim form. 

If your employee chooses to pursue the claim, you need to report the injury to your workers’ compensation policy company with all the information you collected from your investigation.
Cooperate with Workers’ Compensation
Cooperate with your workers’ compensation carrier and their attorneys if a claim is pursued. They will ask for documentation and files related to the injured employee, so be cooperative and hand this information over. However, you should be aware of and not give documentation or records to anyone else. If another attorney claims to represent the injured employee, contact your workers’ compensation carrier for further clarification.

Prevent Future Issues and Stay in Touch with Your Injured Employee
Stay in touch with your injured employees and make sure to welcome them back. As soon as they are physically able to resume employment. Don’t terminate your employee or penalize them for filing a claim; this could lead to further legal repercussions.
Also, learn from your experience and prevent future injuries from happening. Develop ideas that can reduce the risk of such injuries and protect your employees and your business. 

Protect Your Other Family 

Follow the above steps so that you can reduce further damage. Secure your employees by buying Workers Compensation policy that will provide legal liability coverage for compensation to your employees in case of bodily injuries or death caused due to accidents in the course of employment.
Buying Workmen’s Compensation insurance is a crucial step by which an employer can work towards providing a secure workplace to their employees while adhering to the obligations levied by the worker’s compensation statutes. 
We at SecureNow help you compare Workmen Compensation policy of various companies so that you can choose the one that suits you the best. 
Have a great and risk-free day at the office! 

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