Workmen Compensation

For all employers, maintaining the health and well-being of the hired workforce is a significant concern. They want to ensure that all the employees feel safe and secure when they are at the workplace. This is one reason why all the newly built office complexes are designed as per safety standards. However, certain work-related hazards usually occur in diverse workplaces, no matter small or big. For instance, an employee may slip on the wet floor in the office and has his hand bone broken, thus causing him related health issues. For employers, knowing about the possible work-related hazards is the first step towards eliminating them and minimizing the count of injuries. It is then followed by the next step of correcting the causes of possible dangers and buying a workmen compensation or WC insurance policy to be on the safe side.

If you are an employer, here are the four most common office hazards that you need to address:

Accidental Slips and Falls

One of the most common workplace injuries results from accidental falls or feet slips on the floor. In general, the culprits can be water spills, wet floors, uneven floor surface or excessive clutter. Similarly, slips and falls can happen in the outdoor areas surrounding the workplace because of rain. 

The simplest way to avoid these workplace accidents is to ensure that wet floors and spills get cleaned promptly. Similarly, other hazard-prevention steps include decluttering of the office walkways to prevent obstruction to the passage, keeping electronic chords arranged and changing rugs or carpet when torn.

Ergonomic Injuries

Employees often face ergonomic strains as they spend their work hours seated next to their workstations in wrong postures. Often, these strains are hard to notice until they start to cause severe health problems. 

You can prevent these injuries by making adjustable chairs and desks available to the employees in your office. Similarly, you can even accommodate a more flexible work style by assigning personal laptops to the employees. Furthermore, it is important to arrange training sessions to the hired workforce regarding ergonomics and ways to stay safe from the ergonomic hazards.

You are also advised to pay attention to the pain, fatigue, or weakness that your employees may be feeling related to the office furniture and seating arrangement.

Eye Defects

Spending a long period of the daily work hours in front of a computer generally causes eye strain. With time, an individual’s ability to focus near and far objects gets affected, along with other problems such as dry eyes, irritation in the eyes, to name a few. 

In your office, one of the best ways to prevent eye defects to your employees is to ensure suitable light levels and intensity. There should be enough lighting in the office to avoid your employees from facing eye strains, particularly in the areas where manual work is done.

Similarly, it would help if you cut down on excess glare from windows in your office using blinds. For computer users, the monitors should be kept slightly below eye level and with optimum intensity to alleviate eye problems. 

Fire Hazards

Fire accidents in the office buildings are one of the main risks to businesses as per Indian Risk Survey Report. It can cause significant losses to the businesses, and usually results because of an electric short circuit, bursting of gas cylinders, chemical leaks, to name a few. 

This type of office hazard can be prevented by complying to the commercial safety norms and keeping the office buildings equipped with adequate fire extinguishing systems. Plus, your office should be in a building that has a well-designed emergency exit. You should also train your employees to use portable fire extinguishers whenever a fire accident occurs.

Stay Safe as an Employer with Workmen Compensation Insurance

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make your office safe for the hired employees. Work-related hazards may not happen with prior indication, and you will be legally responsible for paying the compensation, which can be huge in some cases. 

Hence, it is crucial for you to buy a WC insurance policy to avoid lawsuits arising from workplace accidents. As per the policy terms, the victims of workplace accidents will get medical coverage as well as compensation for the lost income. 

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