Workmen Compensation

Our country depends on construction workers to build our homes, construct the buildings businesses operate in, and pave and repair our roads. But being a construction worker is hardly an easy job. There are a huge number of ways construction site accidents and injuries can occur. Between all the heavy machinery and powerful tools involved and the fact that workers often have to work at high elevations or in tight, enclosed spaces, it’s very easy to be injured on a construction site if construction safety isn’t taken seriously. Although there are so many ways for construction injuries to happen, certain types of accidents tend to happen more frequently than others. The most common construction site accidents include:
Body movement injuries – Many injuries occur because the worker is constantly bending, crawling, twisting and reaching.
Transportation incidents – A significant number of factory worker injuries are attributed to transportation incidents, including those that occur on forklifts.
Exposure to harmful substances in the environment – Inhaling or coming into contact with hazardous chemicals is a threat faced by many factory employees.
Contact with objects and equipment – Workers may become severely injured, including crushing injuries and the loss of limbs, as a result of being ensnared in dangerous equipment.
Fires and explosions – Fires can become even deadlier when they spread to flammable and highly combustible materials located within a manufacturing plant.
Overexertion – Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) result from overexertion. They are a very common type of injury among factory workers because the nature of the work requires the body to have extensive stamina and because the work requires physical tasks, such as lifting.
Repetitive motion – Some injuries result from factory workers doing the same movement over and over. When you do the same thing with your body time and again, this can cause the soft tissues to start to wear out and wear down. When these tissues are damaged or provide less cushioning, you may experience significant pain and a host of other health problems.
Falling from heights – A worker may fall from a building, scaffolding or piece of machinery to the ground below. Workers can also fall into holes or ditches on construction sites.
Trench collapse – When a trench collapses, a worker’s air supply can be cut off, and the worker can be buried alive or suffer crushing injuries.
 The Consequences
Unfortunately, when construction workers are injured, it not only affects their health and livelihood, it poses a challenge for their family as well. On-the-job injuries can lead to expensive medical bills and treatments, as well as lost income and earning ability if the injury keeps the victim away from work. Families can find themselves in very dire financial circumstances if they’re not careful.


Written by Riya Goswami


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