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Purchasing a car might have been your dream since your childhood. Now that you have accomplished it, it is necessary to secure your most prized possession through a Motor Insurance policy which is legally mandatory for every car owner.  Given the increased reliance on the internet in today’s world, most General Insurance companies have expanded to providing insurance through their online portals. So, in this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying car insurance online. Therefore, being just a click away, the process has become straightforward and popular among people across the world.

Advantages of Online Vehicle Insurance

Disadvantages of Online vehicle insurance

  1. Avail at any time as per your convenience
  2. Save time
  3. Lots of options
  4. Get 24×7 support
  1. No one to talk to for claims
  2. Possibility of losing communication link if contact information is incorrect
  3. Leakage of personal data

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However, everyone might have different requirements when it comes to addressing queries and the research before selecting the appropriate policy. So, before you decide to follow the cue, you need to accurately assess the pros and cons of car insurance online, let’s look into the method:

Advantages of buying vehicle insurance online

Disadvantages of buying vehicle insurance online

Avail any time

Talking to a support staff could be difficult

1. The online method gives you the flexibility to avail of the policy at any time, whether day or night. 1. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about how your general insurance policy works, there might be a lot of queries that you might have about the procedure and the terms and conditions of the policy.
2. Just fill in your vehicle details, get the quotes from different insurers and select the most appropriate policy within your budget! 2. Online method guarantees addressing of queries but the process might take some time. The prompt solution is not guaranteed.
3. You connect to different service agents at each call for the same issue.

Quicker processing of application & issue of the policy document

Communication is driven by technology and dependent on the systems

1. In the online mode, you do not need to visit multiple insurers to get the best deal. 1. In the online method, there is always a risk of miscommunication or losing the communication channel.
2. Paperwork is also reduced as you would be doing everything in the digitized form. 2. Care is needed while communicating critical information.
3. As far as comparing different insurers and policies is concerned, you can easily do so through the insurance advisors like SecureNow. 3. The details or pictures of your car that you have put in might not match at the time of making a claim.
4. An insurance advisor can help you get multiple quotes from various insurers and layout the features clearly of the same. So, you can be assured of proper guidance online without much effort on your part. 4. This might pose a problem as the insurer will reject the claim based on wrong information being given which might not have been done intentionally on your part.

Many options are available at a click

Data theft and Privacy Issues

1. If you try to do it on your own by visiting different insurers, you may only be able to cover 4 to 5 potential insurance providers. 1. There had been many cases where hackers had created a perfect replica of a service provider’s page to deceive consumers.
2. But, the online mode will lay out many options in this case with proper details about their locations which make it easier for you to make a choice. 2. In the online method, there is always a fear of identity theft which has become quite common today.
3. So, choose a policy and complete the whole procedure online without any further delay! 3. Moreover, cyber crimes are not easy to detect, and you should be careful while using online services.


Online Query Handling

This is one of the greatest advantages of purchasing car insurance online, but can also be the biggest disadvantage. Many insurance advisors would like to pose as expert advisors while handling your queries. However, the facts could be different.
This can be frustrating, yet, the availability of a knowledgeable person who can handle queries can be a star addition to online insurance services.

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Online Insurance Advisors

It is not that you must go the traditional way to stay away from such issues and have the patience to wait for your policy and advisor. You should go online if you seek the modern comfort and convenience of e-commerce, but you should be more careful with the technology as it is just an alternative to the traditional ways and does not replace it.
SecureNow is one of those online insurance advisors who mix the traditional and modern pretty well and offer the best of both. With 24×7 customer support and access to a knowledge base of hundreds of articles answering your queries, you never feel left out with SecureNow.

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