Group Health Insurance

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Nowadays most organizations offer employees Group Insurance Policy. Group insurance policies like group health insurance, group term insurance, etc.; are some of the policies which are offered to employees.

On the one hand, these insurance policies bolster the morale of employees, on the other, these are an added cost to the insurance company. To minimize cost, here are some of the ways through which you can control the cost for employee group insurance policies –

1. Increase Deductible

Opt for a high deductible in the group health insurance policy which means, your employees would also have to bear a portion of the claim amount. It means, your employees would think twice before approaching the health insurance claim as now they would also have to pay the claim amount. It will reduce the number of claims, and when the claim would be low, the group health insurance will not increase the premium at the time of renewal. Most of the group health insurers increase premiums at the time of renewal if there are frequent claims.

2. Restrict Cover

It is good to offer group insurance schemes, but it is necessary to restrict the coverage to save money. For instance, if you are offering group personal accident insurance, stay away from offering education allowance to your employees’ children. Similarly, in the case of group health insurance, stay away from covering parents of employees. Further in the case of group term insurance cover, don’t add riders like an accidental rider, critical illness rider, etc. However, be diligent while restricting the coverage. There is no point in offering an employee group insurance policy if it has few benefits.

3. Shop Around

Just buying group insurance without comparing is not a good move. There are various insurance companies that are offering group insurance policies and therefore, it becomes necessary to compare all the available options in order to find the right. In case you are unable to find the right insurance policy by own, it is advised to take the help of corporate insurance advisors like SecureNow which can help you choose the right policy as per your requirements. In this way, you can find the right group insurance policy at easy premium rates.

4. Keep employees healthy

To control premium rates of your group insurance, mainly group health insurance, create a conducive wellness program in your organization. Such programs not only keep employees healthy but also help in lowering the number of claims, which in turn translates into a lower insurance premium.

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Case: 1

Since 2012, J.K Engineering has been successfully working in the engineering segment. Among various benefits offered to its employees, the company is also offering a group health insurance policy to its employees. While the policy has proved to be of great help to its employees, it has also increased the expenses of the company which it is now spending towards premium.

Last year, J.K Engineering started a comprehensive wellness program at its workplace that comprises disease management for diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc.; as well as offering cancer screening and around-the-clock medical staff.

The wellness program has a positive impact not only on its employees but also on the company. Medical screening has helped in diagnosing ailments at an early stage so that they can be treated without delay. As a result, fewer employees would require approach their group health insurer for the claim settlement, and it also helps in keeping group health insurance premium rates in check.

Case: 2

J.K Associates has a flourishing clothing business in Surat. Though the company is offering various benefits to its employees; it recently decides to offer group term insurance cover as well. However, the company is looking for various ways through which it can offer the policy without incurring high costs.

In this case, J.K Associates can think of purchasing a group term insurance without adding frills. The company doesn’t need to add riders, like accident death benefit riders, critical illness riders, etc. In case, an employee needs any extra benefit, he/she can pay an extra premium for this.