Health Newsletter

So, the Summer has arrived with its warmer, longer and lazier days. Summer can be a time of excitement, fun and rest, but it also has a gnarly side too. When there is hot outside, we turn to air-conditioner which is the silver bullet for summer heat. This will make you feel cool from outside but what about the heat inside the body?

Here we are going to discuss some facts so that you can stay cool from inside this summer season.

1.Take a cool shower:
When we talk about staying cool, the first thing comes to our mind is taking a cool shower. The cool shower helps to reduce the body temperature and it also rinse off the sweat. This will make you cool and clean.

2.Drink Water:
Water is an important thing as it regulates body temperature. During summer, we get dehydrated quite often. Staying hydrated during summer months is a must. Make sure that you drink plenty of water by drinking more than the recommended eight glasses per day.

3.Eat lemon:
The high vitamin C in lemon can help lower body temperature. It also hydrates and oxygenates the body to help you feeling energized and refreshed during the hot summer days. So, use lemon to stay cool.

4.Eat peppermint:
It is the coolest herb you can ever get in summer. Along with the cooling benefits, it also has many health benefits like digestion improvement, detoxification of blood, curing common cold etc.

5. Do yoga:
Do some asanas so as to bring yourself in the relaxing state while your body takes deep, slow-moving stretches. Yoga improves blood circulation and helps you to stay energized and cool. Cooling breath, also known as Sitali Breath can also be practiced regularly to help cool the body and nervous system.

6.Reduce consumption of Ice cream and cold drinks:
Yes, you hear it right. Metabolism is necessary to keep our bodies functioning correctly. Your digestive system generates heat for converting food into energy. While it may seem logical to take ice cream and cold drink into the stomach to help reduce temperature. But its initial cooling effect is rapidly replaced by heat generated by digestive processes needed to break down the nutrients in ice cream. Digesting calorie-rich food leads to an increase in body temperature.

7. Avoid alcohol:
In early point we have discussed that we should avoid cold drinks. But what about alcohol? Many people reach for a cold beer on a hot summer day to cool down. But alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it will make your body lose water and will leave you dehydrated. This will reduce your ability of losing heat through sweating.

Now you know some facts about how to stay cool in this hot summer. So, next time when you switch on the AC, don’t forget to cool down from inside as well. And yes, whenever you will go out and get your sweat on, don’t forget to re-hydrate!