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Depression is a mental health disorder which causes the persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in things thus causing many behavioral and physical changes. Nowadays, depression is a common disease with a wide chunk of population suffering from it. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that depression will be the second most prevalent disease by 2020. But the good news is there are ways to prevent and also to overcome this disease. One common way is taking medication, which means taking anti-depressant pills. But these pills have many side-effects and is not advised for prolonged usage.
Thankfully, there is a second way of treating this disease naturally, which are effective and address the root cause of the disease. This treatment will not bring you any future health problem as well. If you are looking to naturally treat your depressive symptoms, then you are at right place! In this article we will be telling you some of the natural remedies to overcome depression:
1. Eat Healthy:
There is an old saying; ‘You are what you eat’. This is so true, and you will be surprised to know that the type of food you eat affects your mood. Hence it is important to choose the foods that boost your neurotransmitter for proper functioning of the body. Consuming nutrient-rich food will help promote the brain’s metabolic process and combat biochemical changes that take place when you are stressed.
2. Exercise Regularly:
Exercise reduces stress, builds confidence and improves depressive symptoms. Exercising regularly promotes feeling of happiness and self-belief. High-intensity exercise can increase the level of BDNF which the compound responsible for production of new neurons. You can try any type of exercise which is comfortable for you like yoga, cardio, pilates, burst training and weightlifting.
3. Get Involved in Outdoor Activity:
Research has shown that getting outside and enjoying the natural beauty significantly lowers the stress level, blood pressure and heart rate. Also, sunlight will help to boost vitamin D levels which can help you relax and reduce depression by releasing the endorphins. You should aim to spend 10 to 20 minutes outside daily.
4. Take B-Complex Supplements:
Vitamin B is responsible for the proper functioning of neurotransmitter. Research has shown that person suffering from depression have lower levels of folate and vitamin B12. Including B-complex supplements will support neurological system by boosting energy, improving nutrients absorption and fight fatigue.
5. Meditate:
Studies have shown that meditation is one of the powerful ways to overcome depressive symptoms. Regular meditation helps manage anxiety, boosts positive thinking and improves focus. Try to meditate 10 to 15 minutes daily by allowing your brain to calm down and training it to stay in the moment.
Although these are the suggestion which can help you fight depression, these aren’t meant to replace traditional psychotherapy and medication. However using these tricks and techniques, you can easily fight mild depression and optimise your mental performance.