Group Personal Accident

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A group personal accident policy is one of the most crucial insurance covers that any organization must avail to ensure the safety and security of its valued employees. No organization would want to lose its talented workforce due to any unexpected mishaps. However, absolute safety can never be ensured in today’s fast-paced world with an alarming rise in accidents. According to the latest reports, 1.46 lakh citizens died in road accidents in 2015.
The minimal thing that a company can do to retain employees is to support them if any such accident occurs leading one to be unable to work for a considerable period.

A company can extend its support to the concerned worker by availing of a group personal accident insurance. This policy covers all eligible employees under a single cover at nominal rates. It covers the medical and hospitalization expenses of the employee who may have faced partial or total disablement as a result of an accident. In case the company does not offer such a policy, the people who would suffer will be the immediate family and dependent children of the employee. They might have to forego their studies to save up for treatment and household expenses. The hospitalization and treatment costs are already quite high.

It might take the whole life’s savings of the family to pay up for the treatment and sometimes the cost might even exceed this limit leading them under the burden of debt. Thus, it is important to offer this significant benefit to your valued workers.

Let’s have a look at the other benefits of this policy:

  1. Types of disabilities covered:

There are various types of disabilities that are covered under this policy. These include dismemberment and permanent partial or total disability. Dismemberment includes treatment of the patient in case of loss of limbs, eyesight, or hearing ability. On the other hand; permanent disability may be partial (loss of toes or fingers) or total (paralysis of the lower body). In the case of permanent total disability, the employee may not be able to resume his job. This can be a terrifying situation for the family members of the concerned employee. A group personal accident policy helps in such cases. To save the personal savings of the family, paying the cost of the treatment for this cover.

  1. Covers loss of income:

In case an employee is rendered jobless due to accidental injury for a considerable period of time, some insurers also include the provision of paying the lost income of the employee. This is paid as a weekly benefit to the family members. This can come in handy to meet the financial crisis that the family might be facing at such a time. It also enables the employer to garner a trustworthy relationship with the employee and retain his honest service once he is fine.

  1. Extended expenses in case of accidental death/disability:

In the most unfortunate case of accidental death, this policy comes handy as it covers the repatriation expenses. The death of the breadwinner can be the most testing time for his immediate family and the company can at least offer to help them through this important cover. This is because the policy extends to pay up for the educational expenses of at least two school-going children. Even most insurers cover the transportation expenses of the family members, up to a certain limit. This protects the family from facing extensive trouble in surviving due to the loss of supportive income.

  1. Positive reputation:

By availing of a group personal accident policy, an employer can not only extend support to the injured employee but also safeguard the future of his family.
Thus, it becomes a matter of forming a trustworthy relationship with employees and forming a positive reputation for the company in public view.  Apart from that, if a worker knows, that in the case of any unexpected happening, the company would back him and his family, and the trust would automatically strengthen. The organization will be able to retain talented employees for a longer period of time if they offer this policy. It is difficult to attract a competitive workforce with a large number of opportunities available nowadays. If an employer chooses to avail of this policy, it will take just a nominal amount to get an efficient workforce for the proper functioning of his organization.

Life is uncertain, but any organization can offer to bring some certainty into it. Through the protective group cover like group personal accident insurance policy. All these insurance covers are available with SecureNow at nominal rates, and there is also a provision for comparing quotes from different insurers to avail the best policy suited for one’s requirements.
So, avail yourself of the group personal accident insurance policy as soon as possible to extend security to your valued employees. And reap the long-term benefits by securing the success of your organization!