Marine Hull Insurance

So here you are—ready to export your consignment via water. While you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure the safe transit of goods, have you bought a marine hull insurance policy?
Marine hull insurance is an essential insurance policy that covers the insured vessel or fleet against various types of losses or damages caused by different perils while the vessel is still in transit.
So, before you export your goods via water, we strongly recommend you purchase marine hull insurance because of the following reasons –

  1. It curtails exposure to financial loss

While you might have bought the marine cargo insurance to secure your consignment, but what about losses or damages which may happen with your vessel or its machinery? Do you know, if the loss is substantial, the cost of repairing a ship’s body and machinery can go in lakhs?

Therefore, it is necessary for shipowners/operators, shipping companies, and shipbuilders to buy marine hull insurance which will cover risks or damages to the vessel’s body and machinery.

  1. It is necessary to buy it if you have taken it on a loan

When you finance a ship, i.e., take a loan from the bank or any other financial institution, they would require you to insure your ship just like you would have done if you had bought a home or car. In the case of any loss or damage to your boat, the marine hull insurer will come forward to compensate the lender.

  1. It gives security against third-party liability

There is a crucial clause in marine hull insurance, which is ‘the collision liability’ provision. Just as the name itself implies, it safeguards the policyholder against legal liability which may arise when your ship collides with another ship and causes damage to it or its goods. In this case, as the owner of the ship, it will be your responsibility to bear the third-party losses or damages, and it means, shelling out money from your pocket.

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However, you can easily avoid the situation if you have marine hull insurance. Here, in this case, the insurance company will compensate the third-party on your behalf. Even if the third-party incurs medical expenses due to an accident, it will be covered under the marine hull insurance.

Without proper insurance, you always run the risk of losing your investment to accidents or other perils. A single storm is enough to sink your boat or a fire in another boat can burn your ship, or you can become the victim of vandalism. Having marine hull insurance can calm the water by covering losses or damages that may arise to hinder the exporting of the consignment.

Further, it becomes essential to own marine hull insurance if –

  • You own/operate a shipping company
  • You own more than one yacht
  • You operate the oil exploration platform
  • You are the owner of a water sports company which owns multiple water-going vessels

How Can SecureNow Help You?

All marine hull insurance policies may look the same to you, however, in order to buy the right marine hull insurance policy, it is inevitable to know everything about the policy in detail. You can do it in the traditional way in which you will need to contact multiple insurers who will send their surveyors to assess the value of your asset. However, in this way, you would have to bear the expenses of a surveyor, and it is a time-consuming process as well.
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It is completely possible to avoid this mode if you buy a marine hull insurance policy directly from SecureNow—a leading corporate insurance advisor. All you would require doing is filling the insurance form online with complete detail about your coverage requirements and compare the available insurance policy quotes obtained from different insurers. In case you have any queries regarding your insurance, you can contact insurance advisors and experts here in SecureNow.
It is not at the time of purchasing a marine hull insurance policy only, SecureNow is there to assist you at the time of claim settlement as well.
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