Group Health Insurance

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Group health insurance offers many benefits to employees, or its members, covered under the policy. Complete hospitalisation expenses incurred by an employee on self and dependents like spouse, family, and parents, are covered under a group health insurance.

Group health insurance policy is provided to incentivise employees. Every employee has the benefit of group health insurance from the day 1 of joining the company, as no medical underwriting is required to buy this policy.

Know what is covered.

  • If the insured has any pre-existing disease, it is usually covered by a group health insurance. There is no medical screening required for group health insurance
  • Some insurance providers explicitly cover pre-existing illness and provide maternity cover
  • Associated expense with pre-existing illness are covered
  • An insured has an option to extend cover to include spouse or kids
  • An insured can extend the coverage to include parents (senior citizens). Even if they are suffering from critical illnesses, the cover will be provided
  • Chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis are also covered
  • Hospitalisation expenses incurred by an insured are covered
  • Emergency ambulance charges are also covered
  • Cashless hospitalisation feature is available to the insured
  • There is a provision of personal room rental cover eligibility included by some insurers
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses are also covered
  • Day care procedures are covered


Employees’ Perspective

Mr. Rao is a 45-year-old employee of a multi-national company. Rao is a part of a group health insurance cover provided by his company.

Rao is a diabetic. One day he suffered from a low insulin level and admitted to a nearby hospital for insulin shots. His hospital stay lasted for 3 days, and the total medical expenditure came out to Rs. 20,000 after being discharged. Rao approached his employer to cover his medical expenses which were included under a group health insurance policy.

Rao has also extended the insurance policy cover to include his parents. Rao’s father has arthritis, and the family doctor has advised a knee replacement surgery. If the surgery happens, Rao can get the medical expenses along with post hospitalisation care expenses under his group health insurance cover.

Employers’ Perspective

Gujral Enterprises, is a budding software solutions firm, with business spreading to many European countries and within India. Though, there are plenty of qualified and talented software professionals available in Bangalore and Gurugram (two places where the company has offices), Gujral Enterprises faces a tough time in hiring the best.

Recently their new Human Resource Director, Sanjeet Chauhan, pointed out that the company does not have any support system for employees who fall sick or need hospitalization, whereas, almost all the competitors of the firms offer the benefit.

He further quipped, that the best industry professionals spend lot of time sitting with their computers and end up suffering from various health issues that accompany this kind of lifestyle, like, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

He propagated that the firm needs a group health policy, not only for creating a parity with the employee benefits of the competition, but also to provide these best minds a health care system at a reasonable price.

The news brought new level of comfort to the employees, especially those who really enjoyed working in the challenging environment at Gujral Ent. The group health plan’s availability improved the acceptance rate for the job offers at Gujral and has also helped boost employee confidence, as they all accessed the benefits document shared by Sanjeet.

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