Term Life & Keyman

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1. Date of birth has been assumed to be April 1st in the respective year for each. age group
2. Rates are for a male, non-smoker, delhi-based.
3. DHFL Pramerica, Star Union Dai-chi Insurance Co Ltd. are offline plans.
4. Claim settlement = Claims settled/(claims settled + claims rejected+ claims repudiated).
5. Exide Life and Sahara Life do not offer pure term plans.
6. Claims data is for death claims company-wide, including individual and group for LIC, ICICI Prudential, SBI Life, PNBMetlife, Shriram Life, DHFL Pramerica, IndiaFirst, Kotak Life and Star Union Daichi. For all other insurers only individual death claims have been considered.
7. In ICICI prudential waiver for premium of disability is included
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