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Published in the NCR TieCon 2013 handbook.

Every morning I receive a google alert for the keyword “insurance broker”. The typical news is about the insurance broker jailed for cheating his client, committing fraud and, on one day, beating his spouse! It serves as a sobering reminder of the task ahead for SecureNow. We are attempting to professionalize insurance broking. The benefits for any company to work with a broker are immense – our main challenge is to build access to as many small companies as possible.
A well-regarded blogger wrote that the best careers build Legacy, Mastery and Freedom. That is a deep insight. SecureNow’s Legacy will be to help people manage their business risks and do it in a way that is cheap and honest. When we begin work with a client they save money. It is satisfying when clients write to us, exhausted trying to purchase some specialized insurance, and we offer them the insurance immediately.
Our Mastery is in our knowledge of insurance. The subject is technical and requires domain expertise. A mistake can mean lakhs of rupees of claims denied.  It is rewarding when people approach us after their medical insurance claims are denied and we successfully re-present the case to insurers. We tend to shake up our clients when we point out the fundamental issues in their existing insurances.
The Freedom is in deciding which clients and insurers we want to work with. We reject insurers selling poor products. We routinely walk away from clients who are inclined to take our knowledge without paying for it. I love the fact that our entire business is built on selling pure risk insurances and with no investment products. Traditional investment-oriented insurances are generally poor products.
Building a new business is not easy. It is the promise of Legacy, Mastery and Freedom that keeps us steadfastly committed.
Kapil Mehta
Managing Director, SecureNow Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd.