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At SecureNow, we are driven by its core mission to educate Indian small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), we love to advise them on their risks and help them by recommending suitable insurance products. It is our core DNA. For a long time in the insurance industry Commercial Insurance was sold through traditional channels like tele-sales, offline brokers, product-based websites and print media advertisements.
At SecureNow , we took a path breaking approach of “leveraging technology” and the result was the birth of a new option for selling commercial insurance. An online interactive channel.
Technology product innovation is at the heart of digital customer journeys for commercial and individual insurance. It is an interesting mix of Consumer research, User experience and front-end technology enabling it.
SecureNow digital assets namely the website( and the secure now mobile application are a culmination of exciting technology product experiments driven by state-of-the-art modern technology. Here you will see an integration of UX with front end interface, APIs, microservices, voice, chat bots and data all of it coming together.
We recently added a new product ‘Risk Diagnostic tool’ on the website, a revolutionary idea of sales force enablement & cross selling. The MSMEs can come on the site and analyse top risks for their respective industry and download a report too, the tool also recommends an appropriate insurance product according to their risks. The user can then make a purchase decision online with the help of a calculator to derive quotes.

Risk Diagnostic Tool: A unique cross selling entry point for the customer!
We are also leading some interesting thought experiments on how to leverage the power of SecureNow mobile app. The app is being used by thousands of our customers to manage their corporate policies. Their employees who are also using this mobile app act as our potential customers too and therefore we want to simplify the process of their individual insurance needs. This app can also be used by any other user who has purchased a policy from SecureNow.

SecureNow App: A one stop shop for the user for managing policies!
This mobile app is a one stop shop for managing all their new and old policies. The users can buy, renew and also manage their claims for both their corporate and individual insurance. All this information comes together on the app to make it an interesting “always on” real time channel. Employees can also send email to customer support or call a relationship manager right here from the app.
At SecureNow, product innovation is a never-ending quest for solving our customers problems and pain points. It’s a mutually rewarding journey where the innovation not only leads to a greater satisfaction and customer delight but also adds value to all its stakeholders. We hope to continue this momentum to propel ourselves and establish as an industry leader in the SME segment!
Thanks for reading.