Construction All Risk

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Construction all risk insurance policy is purchased by building contractors or developers for getting a shield against various losses or damages which may arise at their construction site. The policy also offers coverage for third-party liabilities which may arise during construction business. There are various clauses which are present in construction all risk insurance policy, and it is essential to have the complete knowledge about these clauses to make the best use of them. So, let’s discuss some of the clauses in detail:
1.72 hours Occurrence Clause:
As per this clause, any loss or damage caused to the insured property during any one period of 72 consecutive hours, would be considered as the single incident. Here, the loss or damage can be due to natural disasters like flood, earthquake, storm, etc. Note, there should be no overlapping of any two or more events during the period of 72 hours.
2.Basis of Loss Settlement Clause:
The clause has defined the basis of loss settlement, which is as follows:

  • When it is feasible to repair damages: Here, the loss settlement would depend on the cost of repairs incurred towards restoring the items to their conditions before the loss or damage.
  • When there is a total loss: Here the loss settlement would depend on the actual value of the items which was immediately before the loss or damage occur. Note, the insurer will cover loss only to the extent it is included in the coverage limit of the policy.

Claim Settlement Clause:
The clause says that the construction all risk insurance will settle the claim as soon as it is notified by the insurer along with supporting documents. However, the claim would not be settled if the policyholder would fail to inform after a stipulated time duration as specified in the policy document.
4.Cross Liability Clause:
As per the clause, the insurer would extend third-party liability cover of the policy to other insured parties, as mentioned in the policy document, in the same manner as if a separate policy was issued to each party. However, there are certain exclusions which are applicable here and hence, it is necessary for the policyholder to understand them thoroughly.
5.Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion Damage Clause:
The clause offers the coverage to the policyholder against losses or damages which may arise due to strike, riot and civil commotion.
6.Automatic Reinstatement Clause:
As per the clause, the policyholder will get the full sum insured if he/she agrees to pay an additional premium at the agreed rate on the amount of loss, computed on the pro rata basis.
7.Overtime, Night Work Express Freight Clause:
The policyholder would be covered for the extra charge of night work, overtime, work on public holidays, and express freight.
9.Debris Removal Clause:
As per this clause, the construction all risk insurance company would cover the policyholder against the cost of debris removal, propping or shoring up, demolition and any temporary repairs which are caused due to fire and other perils as stated in the policy document.
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10.Fire Extinguishing Costs Clause:
The clause says that the policyholder would be covered for the cost of refilling the fire extinguishing appliances, provided the fire extinguishing appliances were used towards the safety of the insured property.
11.Waiver of Subrogation Clause:
The clause allows the construction all risk insurance company to waive off all rights of subrogation, which may arise out of loss or damage caused by the person who used the insured items with the approval of the policyholder.
12.Insured’s Consultant Clause:
In the case where the policyholder has paid the extra premium, the third-party liability coverage under the policy would also be applied to the insured’s consultant as if a separate policy was issued to each party.
13.Notice of Cancellation Clause:
This clause allows the construction all risk insurance company to terminate the policy at any point in time after giving the written notice to the policyholder. Here, the termination would become effective in accordance with the duration specified by the insurer in the policy document.
14.Payment on Account Clause:
According to the clause, the policyholder would be paid for the loss as per the mutually agreed conditions between the insurer and the insured. Further, the insurer would also consider the interim report of the Loss Adjuster if any, at the time of claim settlement.
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14.Transmission and Distribution Lines Exclusion Clause:
The clause clearly mentions that construction all risk insurance policy would not cover loss or damage caused to the cables, wire, poles, pylons, standard towers, transmission or distribution of electrical power, telephone or telegraph signal and communication signals which do not come under the purview of the insurance policy document. Note, the exclusion would be applicable on both the above and below the ground equipment.