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No matter how efficiently you run your construction or contracting business, there is no guarantee that unforeseen events like accidents or tragedies will not arise. For instance, if one of your construction workers gets injured on the work site, would your business have sufficient means to cover medical expenses? What would your business do if an earthquake strikes and destroys your equipment and supplies? In the event of unfortunate events, construction all risk insurance can offer you the needed financial security to keep your business afloat.
Before you buy construction all risk insurance policy, here are a few tips which you should consider if you want to choose the appropriate coverage:
Carefully Assess Your Insurance Needs and Risks
Before you shop for construction all risk insurance policy, it is essential to understand what coverage you are looking for and what kind of risks your business may face. For instance, you may want to start by asking yourself what kind of risks your employees may face at the construction site? Or, what equipments would be required for getting protection in the event of loss or accident? Though you can take all initiatives to train your employees about safety procedures; the truth is that accidents can still happen. The best thing which you can do is to safeguard your business against worst-case scenarios.
The construction all risk insurance company will decide the level of risk and your coverage. Because your premium would depend on these risks, it is essential to know about these risks in advance. As your business continues to thrive, your construction all risk insurance policy needs may also vary. So make sure you do a periodic review of your policy to ensure it is in sync with your business needs.
Find the Reliable Insurance Advisor
When you search for construction all risk insurance policy, you will be amazed to see that there is no shortage of insurers in the market. The real challenge is taking out time to sift through all of them and then choose the apt policy. One way to save your time and energy is to work with a reliable corporate insurance advisor who can help you in finding the right insurer and coverage as per your needs. SecureNow, a leading corporate insurance advisor, can make your life easy by doing the work of hunting down multiple policy quotes and then providing it to you so that you can pick the best policy. You can compare these quotes to find the best policy for your construction business.
Understand That the Cheapest Insurance Policy Is Not Always Best
Most of the business owners, consider insurance as an expense only unless they don’t use it. As a result, they may prefer to go with the cheapest construction all risk insurance policy available in the market. Though a comprehensive policy may cost you more; it will be of immense help in case an unfortunate event happens. Therefore, instead of going with the cheapest insurance policy option, consider the other factors like insurer’s claim settlement ratio, i.e., number of claims settled by the insurer in the previous year, along with the coverage available and customer support. The lesson here is that choose the insurance policy on the basis of quality and quantity of your insurance coverage rather than price alone.
Know Your Policy in Detail
It may look like a bit complicated, but reading your construction all risk insurance policy document thoroughly is necessary. It is important to get yourself acquainted with the coverage, exclusion, and other important points related to your policy. This way you can safeguard yourself from gaps in your policy. You don’t want to face a situation when you apply for a claim, but the insurer rejects it because it falls under the exclusion list.
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Check Deductible Limit
It’s worth noting that most of the construction all risk insurance policies come with a deductible clause. In the insurance sector, the deductible is the amount which you will pay in the event of a claim before the insurer settles the remaining claim amount. While a higher deductible would translate into lower premium, you may regret this decision in the event of a claim when you would have to pay a substantial amount from your pocket. On the other, a lower deductible means you would be paying more premiums, but your insurer would make a higher payout.
While weighting both the options, consider how frequently the loss might incur and how much of that loss you would be able to afford. As a rule, stay away from choosing that deductible amount which can put your finances at risk. After all, the motto of buying construction all risk insurance is to alleviate your risks in the event of unanticipated events and not to add to it!
While, you have taken the right step by thinking to purchase construction all risk insurance, do consider the above points to make the right purchase.