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Mr. Shah has been in the business of selling antique woods and wooden items in India and dealt with both national and international clients. He received a big order for some specific wooden items from an International client in the United States. Once he had the products ready, he carefully checked the packaging process and ensured timely shipment. But an unfortunate fire incident during the transit caused significant damage to all the products. Since the buyer couldn’t get anything from his order, he refused to pay even a penny, hence making Mr. Shah bear the total loss. Anyone who wants to transport various goods can experience incidents like this and must buy insurance that offers hassle-free coverage and cost savings. In this article you will discover the benefits of buying transit Insurance Online.

With transit insurance you can protect your goods during transit and even while off-loading/unloading by having transit insurance by your side. This insurance policy protects your goods during transportation via rail, road, sea, or air.

While you can buy transit insurance offline, buying it online comes with several perks for your business. If you are keen on following the trends and prefer buying things online, here’s why you should take the same route for transit insurance purchase:

  1. You can save on the premiums payable

The premium payable for a transport insurance policy depends on the invoice value. In other words, the costlier the goods in transit, the higher will be the insurance premium. While it is essential for your business, you would want to reduce the premium in whichever way possible.

Benefits of Buying Transit Insurance Online include convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness, and access to tailored coverage for your goods. Buying transit insurance online is less costly than purchasing it from an agent or directly via the insurer offline. The online mode of insurance selling helps insurers save money. It eliminates costs of maintaining distribution channels, infrastructure, agents’ commissions, and overheads. Insurers pass the financial benefits to you as lower insurance premiums. Consequently, you can purchase transit insurance with a lower premium.

  1. You save time in comparing different policies

Think about meeting an agent to buy transit insurance. The common steps involve assessing your business needs, filling out a proposal form, gathering the required documents, and similar others. If you do not feel convinced about the offered plan, you will proceed with requesting a quote from some other insurance company, and the cycle continues.

When you choose to buy transport insurance online, you save time at each stage of the buying process. Firstly, you need not meet multiple agents to finalize a plan. You can simply check and compare different policies and their benefits online, upload relevant documents, and make payments online. The best part is that you can do it at your convenience and from wherever you are.

  1. Minimum paperwork is involved

If you had ever purchased an insurance plan in the past, you would know how taxing the paperwork involved can be sometimes. Get every document in order, make photocopies for agents, get quotes. Submit the final proposal form offline.

In the current Internet-savvy age, most people are accustomed to buying products and services online. This is why commercial insurance companies have also invested in engaging and intuitive websites/apps to make it easier for their customers to buy transit insurance online. After you have selected a plan from an insurance broker, you can simply fill the form, upload requirement documents, and pay the premium online. The entire process has become quite efficient and hassle-free.

  1. Immediate issuance of risk cover note

Since transit insurance is used to cover expensive goods in transit, you might be going through the insurance purchase while the goods are almost ready to leave for their destination. By buying a transit insurance plan online with adequate coverage, you will get the risk cover note almost instantly and put it into use.

More about Buying Transit Insurance and Filing a Claim

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