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Published in Cafemutual on 12th January, 2017
In order to expand its footprint, Delhi based insurance broker SecureNow has announced its membership with Germany’s UnisonBroker, which specializes in providing risk management solutions in the global markets.
This partnership is expected to provide global risk management solutions to its existing clients who have business in USA and UK. It also opens door for the insurance distribution company to reach out to prospects in USA and UK who have business in India. SecureNow provides general insurance services to SMEs.
Kapil Mehta, Co-Founder, SecureNow said, “The Unison network provides us access to an international network to meet the overseas insurance requirements of Indian SMEs. Many of our clients are expanding aggressively into international markets, particularly Europe and the US. We are excited to be a part of this global network which will indeed help our proposition become stronger and recognised.”
According to SecureNow, membership to the UnisonBrokers network is difficult. A minimum quality standard is needed to get in. The network will provide SecureNow with international reach to 300 broker relationships in over 130 countries.