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How to file a claim under Art Insurance?

A claim under art insurance can be filed by calling the contact centre toll-free number and sharing the preliminary loss details. The insured can also reach the claims department by filling up the claims reporting form on the website.

The claim filing process takes place in two stages:

  • Insured files the claim with basic details, and
  • The insurer responds by appointing a professional team to assess and validate the claim.

It is important that the claim is reported to the insurer within the stipulated time, as an unnecessary delay in reporting may cause complications in reimbursement.

The insured is required to share the following preliminary details by calling the insurance company’s contact centre or filling up details on the insurer’s website form:

  • Insurance policy number
  • Loss description – loss by fire or loss by theft
  • Loss location
  • The estimated amount of loss
  • Insured authentication details such as date of birth

After receiving the preliminary loss details from the insured, the insurance company takes the following steps:

  • Appointment of loss inspector within 2 working days
  • After a thorough review of the damage to the insured art, the surveyor presents a preliminary loss document to the insurance company within 1 working day
  • The loss inspector informs the insured and insurer of the requirement of specific documents that may be required to validate the claim
  • The insured can download the claim form from the insurer’s website, print it and sign it
  • All the available documents should be photocopied and submitted to the loss inspector along with the claim form

Documents include:

  • First information report (FIR) filed with the police department, if applicable;
  • Concluding police verification report
  • Photocopy of Bill of the lost items, latest cost price list
  • Insurance cover letter or policy document

Further steps:

  • Post submission of the above documents, the insurer settles the claim within a period of 7 working days
  • Once the claim is authenticated, the insurer sends a claim disbursement voucher to the insured
  • The voucher needs to be signed and sent back to the insurer
  • On the receipt of the disbursement voucher, the paycheque is delivered to the insured.

How to file a claim under Art Insurance?

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