Doctors Professional Indemnity

A doctor’s professional indemnity insurance policy is a liability oriented cover that covers third party liabilities faced by medical practitioners in their profession. The medical profession is a highly skilled and technical profession and a simple mistake by a doctor can have far-reaching effects on the patient. 

The patient might lose his/her life or suffer severe physical or mental trauma or disablement. If that happens, disgruntled patients or their families could file an indemnity claim against the doctor. Such claims are usually lawsuits which, if lost by the doctors, can result in considerable financial outflows. A doctor’s professional indemnity insurance policy covers these liabilities and provides financial relief to doctors.

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If you, as a doctor or a medical establishment, are looking to buy a DPI policy, there are two modes that you can choose from to buy the policy. Let’s understand these modes :

  • Buy doctor’s professional indemnity offline

You can use the traditional model of buying the DPI policy by contacting an insurance agent or by visiting the branch of an insurance company that offers the policy. You would have to fill up a proposal form physically stating the complete details of your profession or business and pick the coverage that you need. Then you would have to pay the premium for the policy. The policy would be underwritten by the insurance company and then it would be issued post which the coverage would start.

  • Buy doctor’s professional indemnity online

Another, more convenient alternative is to buy a doctor’s professional indemnity online. Insurance intermediaries and some insurers have now digitized their policy issuance process allowing you to apply for and buy doctor’s professional indemnity online. You just have to visit the relevant website, provide your contact details and select your coverage requirements and premium. You can select your preferred insurer and policy, fill up the proposal form and pay the premium, all online. Once this is done the policy or risk cover letter is instantly issued.

How to pay premiums for DPI coverage?

Here are the different modes of premium payments which are accepted by insurance companies –

  • Cash 
  • Cheque
  • Demand draft
  • Mobile or internet banking 
  • NEFT or RTGS
  • Mobile wallets
  • UPI
  • Debit or credit cards

Choose any mode as per your suitability and pay the premium conveniently.

Documents required for buying DPI cover

To buy a DPI policy online or offline, the following documents would be needed –

  • Proposal form, filled and signed by the proposer
  • KYC documents of the doctor or the medical establishment buying the policy
  • Educational qualifications of the doctor(s) to be covered
  • Any other document as per the insurer’s requirement

Buying DPI through SecureNow

SecureNow is an online portal which allows you to compare doctor’s professional indemnity quotes along with the coverage benefits to choose the right plan. With SecureNow you can get expert help in buying the best DPI policy. Importantly, SecureNow extends help to you at the time of claim settlements. They have even set up a lawyer’s panel with experienced advocates who can represent your case. SecureNow has tied-up with leading insurance companies ensuring that you find the best policy and can buy doctor’s professional indemnity online with the utmost convenience. You can also get your queries resolved through SecureNow’s expert help. 

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So, visit or call 96966 83999 to check out the best DPI coverage options available for you and to buy the policy online.