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It’s widely known that companies and professionals alike enjoy numerous benefits by purchasing professional indemnity insurance. Also called errors and omissions insurance, this type of policy offers financial assistance in the event when a law suit is brought against professionals or company, and they are held responsible for professional negligence or error.
However, when you decide to purchase professional indemnity insurance, it is essential to pay utmost attention. To ensure you purchase the right professional indemnity insurance, here are some mistakes which you should completely avoid=
1. Failure to understand the difference between available policies
When you go for buying professional indemnity insurance, you will be offered two types of coverages: “claims made” and “occurrence.”
In case of claims-made policy, the coverage is given only when the alleged incident and the resulting claim happen when the policy is active. Here the injury that results in claim may occur during or before the claim, however, the claim must be made within the policy tenure.
On the other hand, occurrence policies offer protection against that negligence as well which took place when the coverage was active, even if the claim is filed when the policy has ceased to exist.
Knowing the differences between both the coverages is necessary at the time of purchasing the professional indemnity insurance policy to ensure you make the right selection.
2.Not buying the sufficient insurance coverage
It is a human tendency to save the money as much as possible. However, this habit can prove disastrous in case of insurance. A few bucks save today can prove to be costly for you in the long run. Remember, you want to buy a professional indemnity insurance policy to get financial coverage for professional negligence or errors, etc.; but how would insurer help you if your coverage is not sufficient? The purpose of insurance is to get complete financial protection but what if you would have to pay for losses from your pocket at the time of claim? So, while you have done right by thinking about buying professional liability insurance, however, make sure it is sufficient enough to give you complete coverage. Don’t curtail your cover to save premiums!
3.Choosing the policy on the basis of premium only
Taking the above discussion forward, if you decide to choose the errors and omissions insurance policy just because it has low premium, think again! There are various factors which decide the premium and therefore, the chances are high that the insurer may cut your coverage on the basis of the premium which you are intended to buy. For instance, does your professional indemnity insurance give legal support or not?
4.Not considering the claim settlement ratio of the insurer
Another major mistake which is made at the time of buying professional liability insurance is not knowing the claim settlement ratio of the insurer. It is essential to pay heed towards the claim settlement ratio, which shows the number of claims settled by the insurer in the previous year. The higher the claim settlement ratio is, the higher are the chances of your claim to get settled. It is necessary to buy professional indemnity insurance from an insurer with high claim settlement ratio to get the peace of mind and surety that your claim would be settled, provided the other parameters are fine.
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5.Choosing the wrong deductible limit
In the insurance world, the deductible is the amount that you would have to pay at the time of claim before the insurer settles the remaining. A higher deductible deters the policyholder from approaching the insurer for every single claim, and therefore, the insurer rewards with low premium rates. However, increasing the deductible limit to lower premium rates can go against you when you would have to pay a substantial claim amount from your pocket. Similarly, if you opt for the too low deductible, you are paying additional amount which you could have easily saved. So, be prudent while deciding the deductible limit.
Our Advice
The world of corporate insurance is tricky, and it is essential to have the complete understanding of the policy to make its optimum use. So, take the help of SecureNow, a leading corporate insurance advisor, and make the entire process of buying professional indemnity insurance hassle-free and easy. To find the right policy, it is imperative to ensure that you do not commit the above mistakes, and with the help of SecureNow, you can ensure it!